humanities timeline

  • The publishing of the communist manifesto

    The publishing of the communist manifesto
    The 'Communist Manifesto' was a pamphlet published by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, which outlined the basic elements of Communism. It was published on February 21st 1848.
  • Death of Karl Marx

    Death of Karl Marx
    Marx died in London due to an illness that kept him sick for the last 15 months of his life. Marx's tombstone bears the final line of the Communist Manifesto, 'WORKERS OF ALL LANDS UNITE'.
  • The abduction of the Tsar

    The abduction of the Tsar
    On the 15th, the Tsar found himself powerless and was forced to abdicate his throne. On this date, the Tsar and his family were then captured by the Bolsheviks and held under house arrest.
  • Russian Revolution

    Russian Revolution
    the Bolshevik party, led by Vladimir Lenin, and the workers' Soviets, overthrew the Provisional Government in St Petersburg. The Bolsheviks appointed themselves as leaders of various government ministries and seized control of the countryside, establishing the Cheka to quash dissent.
  • End of World War 1

    End of World War 1
    on the 11th of november, at 11am, the fighting stopped and an armistice was signed, signalling the end of World War I.
  • The end of world war 1

    The end of world war 1
    The four years of battle, nearly nine million military personnel and another nine million civilians lost their lives. Farms were ruined, especially in Belgium and France, it took many years for the land to recover.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    The Treaty of Versailles was the peace settlement signed after World War One had ended in 1918 and in the shadow of the Russian Revolution and other events in Russia. The treaty was signed at the vast Versailles Palace near Paris.
  • Flappers

    In the 1920s, a new woman was born. She smoked, drank, danced, and voted. She cut her hair, wore make-up, and went to petting parties. She was giddy and took risks. She was a flapper.
  • The Roaring 20's

    The Roaring 20's
    The Roaring Twenties was a period in the 1920's that went very well as to wealth and the economy. Many new technologies were developed as a result of World War I.
  • Treaty of Versailles Final Payment

    Treaty of Versailles Final Payment
    only 2 years ago, the final payment for the World War I reparations was made by Germany, 92 years after the war.