Humanities 7

  • Life Time Of Lucy

    4 million BCE, BiPedal, Some stones for tools, No language but could comunicate.
  • Period: to

    Early Hominids

  • Life Time Of Handy Man

    2 million BCE, "Handy Man", First to make tools, Bipedal
  • Life Time Of the Up Right Man

    1.8 Million BCE, Had fire, Gathered, BiPedal
  • Life Time Of the Neanderthals

    Approximetly 500,000 BCE, Gatherer, Community, BiPedal, Biggest brain out of all
  • Life TIme Of Homo Sapien Sapiens

    Modern Humans, BiPedal, Biggest brain out of alll, Sense of community, farming, Everything we do now
  • The Rise of the Kingdom Sumor

    Sumor is located in Mesopitamia which is now The Middle East
  • The Epic Of Gilgamesh

    In this book, Gilgamesh is a very cruel, selfish person and doesn't have any friends. Then someone makes Enkidu, Gilgamesh's new friend, and they become bestfriends and do everything together and get into lots of trouble for all of the bad stuff they have done. GILGAMESH IS NOT REAL.
  • Abraham

    In the religious books, they say that God spoke to Abraham and told him to sacrifice his son. There is also people who try and follow Abrahams path, but that is all indirect evidence.
  • Hammurabi's Code

    This was a code of laws in Hammurabi's city. He was a "level" under the Gods and was summonded by them to make this code of laws.
  • Joseph goes to Egypt and the Israelits follow

    Joseph was one of many kids of Abraham. He was the spoiled child and none of his siblings liked that so they out him up as a slave and he went to Egypt.
  • Moses, the Exodus from Egypt, and the Ten Commandments

    The Ten Commandments had not just things that you shouldn't do, but rewards as well.
  • The time of the Judges/The time before the Kings

    Deborah was a judge that would have to solve everyones problem that were told to her.
  • The Reigen of David

    David was visiting his brothers that were in the army and no one would fight the Gladiator so he shot him with a rock and slingshot and he dropped dead.
  • Elijah

    Elijah was the prophet when there was a drought. He was treated better than everyone else by God since he was the only one that belived in him at this time. He had to convice other people that believed in a different God and he lived eternally. He was taken up to heaven, alive, in a flaming chariot by God.
  • Siege of Lachish

    701 BCE
    These Lachich relifs show/ honor the wounded war victims. They are long stones that go all around a very rich house.
  • Siege of Jerusalem

    587 BCE
    In Jerusalem, this is where all of the wars took place. It is also where Job was written, we think.
  • Indus Valley Civilizations

    2000 BCE, These people lived in Mohenjo-daro and survived by all of the bodies of water surrounding them.
  • The Aryan Invasion and the Vedas

    1700 BCE, The Aryans brought cows with them and were very religious people.
  • The Ascetics and the Upanishads

    700-500 BCE The Asetics wanted to do something different with Hinduism because they wanted to put everyones religion into one; hinduism