Humanities 7

  • Lifetime of Lucy

    Was alive 4,000,000 years ago
    Was a biped: walked upright
    Had hands and teeth
    Ate plants and fruits
  • Homo Habilis

    Was alive 2,000,000 years ago
    Was a biped and amnefors
    Had bigger brain than Lucy's
    Made and used tools
    Hand axe was the first tool discovered which they could skin animals snd be able to migrate to colder areas
  • Homo Erectus

    Was biped,amnefer,brain larger,taller
    Tools were better improved
    Gained control of fire which was hard for them to create so they would make torches when leaving a camp so at the next camp, they wouldn't have to make another fire
    1.8 million years ago More productive since they could see with the fire at night
  • Neanderthals

    Was a biped,stronger,amenfer,brain larger
    Tools improved
    Better grasp on fire
    Buried dead with tools,plants this means they were emotional
    Lived in communities
    Hunted in groups
    Took care sick
    Started understand medicine
    Approxmently 5,00,00 years ago
    Appoxmently 5,00,000 years ago
  • Homo Sapien sapien

    Modern Humans
    biped,height and bone structure like us
    More similar to us
    Tools are really improved
    Mastered fired
    Might've talked
    Comfortable living in communities
    Began agriculture and domestic animals
    Able to say in one area
    Began using symbols to communicate
    Baby steps yo writing by using cave drawings
  • Rise of the kingdom of Sumer 2900 bce

    -Sumer's goverment was a monarchy

    -Sumer's people beleived in kings that were choosen from gods
    -the kings collected taxes buitl temples lead armys and assigned other people to do things like tax collecters(delegarted)
    -social structure; bottem=slaves,middle= artist farmers, fisherman,and merchants,top=king,priest,landowners, goverment officials
    -they beleived in many gods=polytheism
    -beleived gods lived in ziggurats
  • Epic of Gilgamesh

    7th centuary
    -was a king who was like a god
    -half human half god
    -gilgamesh is a bad rep.of a king so the gods create a beast enkidu to battle him out.Enkidu and gilgamesh than become friends and go on a journey to kill humbaba, returns to find ishtar having the bull of heaven come and they defeat him. Enkidu dreams one of the bros. will die and then he dies. Gilgamesh on journeys and meets people to help him become immortal but none help , he realizes he doesnt need anything to be a good king
  • Abraham

    1900 b.c.e
    -abe made a whole beleif/religon
    -lived in mesopotamia
    -god made him move to isrealaccording to the torah
    -abes wife sarah couldn't have a babay intill in her elederly days she did his name was isaac
    -god told abe to sacriface issac but because of his obeidence and faith god sent an angel to stop him at the last moment
  • Hammarbi's Code

    1792-1750 bce
    -hammarbi was chosen by the gods to bring justice to babylon in mesopotamia
    -tigris and euphrates on either side
    ^national rsorces and irrigation was good.
    Hammarbis laws were about family property and personal injury
    -they were very personal situations like audltry,robbery situations,abuse and death penaltys
  • Joesph goes to Egypt and the Israelites follow

    1700-1280 bce
    -Joesph was Jacob issacc son favorite son out of 12 children
    ^12 tribes of israel= israelites
    - his bros. wee jelous and faked his death by selling him into slavery in Egypt
    -the pharor asked joesph to interpret his dreams but joesph said god tells him what they mean and was pronounced prime minister
    - joesph forgave his bros. and his whole family moved to egypt, than israelites
  • Moses, the Exodus from Egypt and the Ten Commandements

    -in new kingdom jewish ppl were slaved
    -pharaoh was afraid of jews over powering so every faimlys first son must die
    -moses survived and the pharaohs daughter saved him
    -god told moses to tell the pharaoh to let the jewish ppl out and when he said no horrible diseass and crops came
    -Exodus is the story of escape from slavery in eGYPT
    -10 commandements are broader than hammarbis but simmilar in the subjects like family property and personal injury
  • The Time of the Judges/The Time before Kings

    13-mid 11 centuary
    Deborah: jugde of minor cases. talked to god who told her that the pharaohs enemy was coming. the pharaoh would only go attack if she came out. so she made a deal that the general(ppharaohs enemy) be killed by a women
    Ruth: wasnt a jugde. ruth had a husbent and his brother had a wife. when they both died ruth and the other wife Niaomi moved to Niaomi's home town and were poor. ruth had gleaning which when a harvest falls, the poor picks it up. great grandmother of david
  • The Reign of David

    1013-973 bce
    david: he stood up to gloith, a strong warrior by using a stick and stone. the people than loved him. they loved him so much they made pharaoh. a pharaoh named sal tried to kill him but didnt suceed
  • Elijah

    875-853 bce
    Elijah: powerful prophet. lived in a big drought. god gives him food and water so he can worship god. when he told other religons about god, they didnt beleive. then they set up 2 piles of wood and a sacrifice to each god. the others didnt catch on fire but elijah god made both catch on fire
  • Siege of Lachish

    701 BCE
    war with Assarians
    Lachish was taken over and destroyed
    many people died
    the war became a cycle
    there was banishement or exile
    happeed more than once
    king had no common sense when it came to war so thats why a war even begun
    a building was destroyed
  • Siege of Jerusalme

    587 BCE
    war was about religion
    at war with another kingdom
    a religious temple was destroyed
    a revolt of the people in the kingdom happened twice
    king started war because he had no common sense when it came to war
  • Indus Valley Civilization

    2000 BCE
    called Dravidians
    artifaacts tell the story of flourishing
    mohenjoDaro had a huge water tank for public bathing
    found terra-cotta in valley which was pregnant women
    bull=common hindu symbol& virility&shiva
    water is sacred to hinduism
    ariculturel people, grew crops,raised animals
  • The Aryan Invasion and the Vedas

    1700 BCE
    Ayrans travled thrugh Europe AND asia conquering anyone
    Ayrans are patriarchal: only worships male gods
    They brought their rituals and cultures to the indus valley
    the vedas is like a book with scriptures
    they were written in 5000 BCE
    they are about spirtual interests and ways to worship
  • The Ascetics and the Upanishads

    700-500 BCE
    thought the vedas demanded complicated rituals
    dedicated life of spiritual austerity and self-discipline
    creating a revolution of spiritual thought or practice
    final part of the vedas=upanishads
    written about depth of sincerity and character