Humanities 7

  • lifetime of lucy

    4 million years ago stands on two feet 3 to 4 feet tall.They can eat meat and plants.
  • lifetime of homohabilis

    2 million years ago they stood on two feet with a small brain and can travel with animal skin and make tools.
  • lifetime of homo erectus

    1.8 million years ago they could control fire,make tools and,have light.
  • lifetime of neanderthals

    500,000 years ago they were hairy,stronger,buried dead,made tools,and had bigger heads.
  • lifetime of homo sapiens sapiens

    Modern day,created bow and arrows,strong sense of community,control fire,and they can farm,focus on education,and do not have to move place to place.
  • rise of the kingdon of sumer

    1900 BCE,sumer is in mesopotamia current iraq,and the two rivers euphrates and tigris.
  • The epic of gilgamesh

    exact date of writing is unknown, best copy found in a 7th century BCE royal library.Gilgamesh is a ruler of mesopotamia and he defeated the monster humbaba with his friend enkidu that is equal to him.
  • Abraham

    lived around 1900 BCE. He lived in near mesopotamia he was the first patriarch of Israel the son of Terah brother of Noah and Haran.
  • Hummurabi's Code

    1792-1750 BCE.Hummurabi's code was taken very seriously because the punishments for breaking them were very harsh.Also some of the codes are very unfair.
  • Joseph goes to Egypt and the Israelites follow

    1700-1280 BCE.Joseph is someone that belived in god and was his fathers favorite.His brothers sold him off into slavery because he was bragging.
  • Moses, the Exodus from Egypt, and the Ten Commandments

    1280-1240 BCE.Moses got saved by his mother when she put him in the basket and put it in the water.It was a royal daughter and raised like a prince.When he found out he was the same as the slaves he left and when he came back he wanted his people free.
  • The Time of the Judges/The Time Before Kings

    The middle of the 13th century to the middle of the 11th century BCE.Deborah was a judge and she only delt with judge problems.She is most famous for her great choices and predictions.Ruth just followed niomy she did what ever she did and they had no real home or anything.She always gleamed and impressed people with her dedication to her mother in law and she is ancester to David.
  • The Reign of David

    1013-973 BCE.David is a great warrior and king.He became king when he fought with galiathe and beat the beast with a stone.He was important because he defeated a monster and he was famous and they still use his name as a symbol today.
  • Elijah

    875-853 BCE.Elijah was a holy man that knew the flood would last so he lived in the desrt and ate the food the bids brought.Famous for knowing the gods and being able to create fire.
  • lachish reliefs

    701 BCE , three thousand years ago the world was at war.The entire population of the world was 50 million people which is the amount of people that live in new england.Assyrians created what is now iraq as a empire that would last for centries.
  • siege of jerusalem

    587 BCE , the ary use torchor to get what they wanted , the kingdom of judah was called babylonians.