Humanities 7

  • Australopithecus Afarensis

    4 million B.C.E
    Biped- walk on two feet
    Niicknamed 'Lucy'
    Omnivore- eats animals and plants
  • Homo Habilis

    Biped- walk on two feet
    Nicknamed "Handy Man'
    Able to make simple tools
    2 million B.C.E
  • Homo Erectus

    Biped- walk on to feet
    Capable of using fire
    Able to migrate to other regions
    1.8 million B.C.E
    Capable of making tools
  • Homo Sapien Neanderthalensis

    Biped- walk on two feet
    Sense of community
    500,000 B.C.E
    Burried each other
    Used fire
    Made tools
  • Homo Sapien Sapiens

    Biped- walk on two feet
    Capable of using a bow and arrow
    Capable of using a spear
    Modern Humans
    Knows how to sew
  • Rise of the Kingdom of Sumer

    Located between Euphrats and Tigiris River
    Located east of a desert
    Located south of mountains
    Located in modern day Isarel
    Build plows and irrigation system
    Social stucture was upper-class, middle-class and slave
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh

    Exact date unknown
    Best copy is in 7th century library
    Best friend was Enkidu
    Rejected to Ishtar proposal
    Sadden by death of Enkidu
  • Abraham

    Attempted sacrifice Isaac
    Marry to Sarah
    Oeys god even to kill his son
  • Hammurabi's Code

    Code of law
    Ruled Mesopotamia
    Capital is Babylon
    1792-1750 B.C.E
  • Joseph Goes to Egypt and the Isralites Follow

    His brothers and sister sold him into slavery
    He prdicted things like a psychic
    The pharoah came to ask Joseph about something
    Rejoin his brothers and sister and lived in Egypt
  • Moses, the Exodus, and the Ten Commandments

    Was sentence to death for assaultin an Egyptian
    Had a brother and sister
    Led is "people" to the promise land
    Handed out the ten commandments
  • The Time of Judges/The Time Before Kings

    Middle between 13th century to 11th century
    Only one female judge, Deborah
  • Elijah

    About 875-853 B.C.E
    Ravens bring meat and bread to him in the desert
    Legends has that he rides a fire chariot in heaven
  • Reign of David

    Killed Goliath with stones
    Father to Solomon
    Saul was jealous of him
    Sentence to death by him
    Became king when Saul dies
    About 1013-973 B.C.E
  • Siege of Lachish

    Destroy by the Assyrians
    Got into siege for many times
    Close to Judea
  • Siege of Jerusalem

    Rebell against Babylon twice
    Jerimah asaid that if the king did not surrender, his people will suffer
    Were to serve and sing to the Babylonians
  • Indus Valley Civilization

    Importance of ritual bathing and cleaness
    Mohenjodoro and Happara major in containig water tanks
  • The Aryan Inasion and the Vedas

    The Vedas transcibe into Sanskrit
    Aryan trvel through Asia and Europe
  • The Asectics and Upanishads

    Dedicated to spirtual lives
    Gather in forest for meditation