Human Rights

  • Meeting at Seneca Falls to write a bill of ''rights''.

    Meeting at Seneca Falls to write a bill of ''rights''.
    There, they write a ''bill of rights'' detailing social, civil and religious rights of women.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
    Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared slaves to be forever free
  • Period: to

    Mohandas Gandhi

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a political and spiritual leader of India and the Indian independence movement. His teaching of Satyagraha was the driving force that helped India win its independence from Britain.
    Cuotes of Gandhi:
    -"You have to do the right thing... You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result."
    -There is no road to freedom. Freedom is the road.
  • Period: to

    Nelson Mandela

  • League of Nations

    League of Nations
    This is an organitation that would work for internstionsl peace and co-operation. As a consecuence of World War II
  • United Nations Organization

    United Nations Organization
    This organization replaced the League of Nations and wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Sign Declaration of Human Rights

    Sign Declaration of Human Rights
    Since then, human rights ideas have been encouraged in many different ways.
  • Millennium Development Goals

    Millennium Development Goals
    The Millennium Development Goals are eight international development goals that were officially established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations
    The goals are:
    End Hunger & Extreme Poverty
    Achieve universal primary education
    Promote gender equality and empower womenReduce child mortalityImprove maternal healthCombat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseasesEnsure environmental sustainabilityDevelop a Global Partnership for Development
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