Biotechnology Throughout History

Timeline created by RidhiB
  • 4,000 BCE


    Egyptians baked leavened bread using yeast.They used honey to treat respiratory infections and as an ointment for wounds.
  • -500 BCE


    In China, moldy soybean curds were used to cure boils
  • -250 BCE


    The Greeks practiced crop rotation for maximum soil fertility.
  • -100 BCE


    Rome had over 250 bakeries which made leavened bread using yeast
  • Rennaisance(Invention of the Microscope)

    Rennaisance(Invention of the Microscope)
    The microscope was a major help in other scientific discoveries.
  • 17th Century

    17th Century
    Bacteria is first seen and described by Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
  • 18th Century

    18th Century
    Edward Jenner uses the first viral vaccine to inoculate a child from smallpox
  • The Term Biotechnology

    The Term Biotechnology
    Karoly Ereky coined the term biotechnology to describe the merging of biology and technology.
  • First Antibiotic

    First Antibiotic
    Alexander Fleming first observed the antibiotic properties of the mold that produces penicillin.
  • First Biotech Drug

    First Biotech Drug
    Humulin, Genentech's human insulin drug produced by genetically engineered bacteria for the treatment of diabetes is approved by the FDA.
  • First Federally Approved Gene Therapy Treatment

    First Federally Approved Gene Therapy Treatment
    performed successfully on a 4-year-old girl suffering from an immune disorder called adenosine deaminase deficiency.
  • First Genetically Modified Food

    First Genetically Modified Food
    The United States Food and Drug Administration approves the first GM food: the "Flavr Savr" tomato.