How to Break a Terrorist by Matthew Alexander

By galopez
  • Chapter 1, 285

    Non-Fiction- 5-17
    Matthew (main character) is being shipped with some other paople to help interrogate terrorist. Once they get there, they are all being interviewed on how are they going to do things
  • chapter1- 285

    Non-Fiction- 17-27 (10)
    Doc Brady is giving a rundown on what the team needs to do. Matthew has just met his new parter Bobby.
  • chapters 1-7, 286

    pg 27-72 (45)
    Matthew and Bobby are getting ready to interrogate Abu Ali and Zaydan, both suspect in suicied bomings. After many days of trying to get both of them to talk. Once they talk, they lead Matthew and Bobby to two farmhouses.
  • Chapter 7-10, 286

    pg 73-106 (33)
    Matthew starts off by observing the other interogaters and learn their methods. Other soldiers are going to the house that the two men told them about. once they get there, they find two suicied bomers and the house has five men in it. Matthew and the other interogaters atart to question them.
  • chapter 10-12

    pg 106-140 (34)
    Matthew is analyzing how to get more infomation out of his suspect Abu Gamal. He starts to question him about his family, and that really hit him. He starts to give them so information they need.
  • Chapter 12-17, 286

    pg 140-183 (43)
    Matthew starts by watching the other interogaters to see if they can get anything out of the other suspects. They found out who the terrorists boss is. There is a suprise bombing and the interogaters have to question the suspects. Matthew is trying to get a guy to confess that he did it, but after more reserch he finds out that none of thm did the bombing.
  • Chapter 17-24, 286

    pg 183-233 (50)
    Matthew just found out that all of the interogaters had a meeting without inviting him, so he listens in and finds out that their tactics are much different than his. His group interrogates many other people, including an 11 year old, who helped them out the most. they find out who is making all of the videos they have seen.
  • Chapter 24-32 286

    pg233-286 (53)
    Matthew is determined to break Abu Haydar, who he thinks is the key to finding Zarqawi. He interrogates him and gains his trust. he reveals great information on finding Zarqawi, which helped take him down,