How I Watched Movies Over Time

  • Film Projector

    Film Projector
    This projector is where you put in a film strip reel to watch a home video and it did not have any sound. This is how we first watched home videos as a family.
  • VCR

    A VCR is a Video Cassette Recorder. This is how you would watch movies using a VHS tape.
  • VHS

    We would watch videos on the VCR using a VHS tape. These videos still had the tape like the film reels and still had to be rewound, but it was in an easy to use case.
  • VHS-C

    Next, it was the compact VHS or VHS-C tapes. We could use these in our bulky video recorders to record home videos and then put them in a larger VHS tape to watch on the VCR.
  • MP3 Files

    MP3 Files
    You can download MP3 files onto your computer to watch any time you want without the actual DVD disc.
  • DVD Player

    DVD Player
    A DVD player replaced the VCR. You were able to watch movies that did not have a tape to rewind.
  • DVD Player in Computer

    DVD Player in Computer
    You were able to add the DVD into your computer to watch movies on your computer.
  • DVD

    A DVD or a digital video disc. This is the next way we would watch movies. We would watch them on a DVD player.
  • Netflix

    Netflix was a way to stream movies to your computer, tv, or device.
  • Blu-ray

    Blu-ray players were an upgrade to the cd player. The blu-ray discs played videos in HD high definition, which is much better quality than a cd.
  • 4K Blu-ray

    4K Blu-ray
    4K Blu-ray players/discs have a high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut (WCG) content. It's an amazingly high-quality movie-watching experience!
  • Smart Phone

    Smart Phone
    Smartphones were created with a colorful screen and a camera making them able to watch movies on a cell phone.