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Hitler's life (based on Hitler: The Rise Of Evil)

  • Adolf Hitler's Early Life

    Adolf Hitler, born at Branau am Inn, Austria, on April 20, 1889. He is the fourth of six children born to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. Young Hitler, usually called Adi, frequently fighting against his father.
  • Period: to

    The Rise Of Evil Part 1

  • Hitler showing interest in German Nationalism

    At 1900, His father doesn't approve his interest in fine art rather than business. At the time, Hitler shows his interest in German Nationalism by rejecting the authority of Austria-Hungary. It becomes a motivating force of Hitler's life.
  • The death of Hitler's father

    Alois died suddenly at 1903. Two years later his mom dropped him out of school. Hitler move to Vienna, become a casual laborer (doing unskilled manual work for wages) and become a watercolor painter. He signed himself to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and rejected two times. He moves to the Homeless Shelter because he was out of money for several years.
  • Hitler's mother died

    Hitler's moter, Klara died of breast cancer. Since he had no relatives that able to support him, he goes to Vienna with hope of earning a living. In years he lives in a homeless shelter. He declines to take regular employment nd took occasional servant jobs and sold some of his paintings or ads posters to provide him some food.
  • Hitler moves to Munich, Germany

    Hitler moves from Vienna, Austria to Munich, Germany
  • Munich, Germany. Hitler joins the war

    Hitler supports the presence of first World War, and joins the German Army, even though he's still a Austrian citizen. During the war, He foughts bravely and promoted to become a corporal and decorated with Iron Cross first class and Black Wound Badge, which he will wore it until his death day. (Ironically the one who recommend the reward was Jewish)
  • German Surrender

    At the day of surrender announcement, Hitler was in the hospital due to temporary blindness caused by British mustard gas attack in the Ypres Salient. Like other German Nationalists he believed that there are German Army betrayer from Marxists and civilian leaders.
  • Hitler founds that local Communists takes over Munich and joins a loca army organization

    Between December 1918 until March 1919 he worked as a prisoner-of-war at Traunstein camp and returns to Munich. A while after his return he saw that local Communists did takeover that seized power before they removed their position by the army. After giving some evidences related to the takeover, he was asked to become part of a local army organization which was responsible to make people to believe to not turn to communism. Druing training and doing this task, he gains oratory skills.
  • Become a spy of a local politic groups

    As part of his duties he was also asked to spy on certain local political groups, and during a meeting of the German Workers' Party in the a Beer Hall Munich he became so angry by one of the speeches that he delivered a fierce aggresively to the speaker.
  • Hitler joins DAP

    Hitler joins DAP
    Hitler's bitter criticism in the beer-hall began attracting regular audiences and the DAP (German Workers’ Party), including Anion Drexler (the founder of the DAP) and ask Hitler to join his party, which Hitler did in 1919. To increase their appeal they change teir name to Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP). Hitler design the party banner (a swastika, symbolizes the Aryan, a white circle with red color surrounding it) himself.
  • Hitler's speeches attracting audiences

    Hitler's bitter criticism speeches in the beer-hall began attracting regular audiences. Given responsibility for publicity and propaganda, Hitler first succeeded for attracting over a hundred people to a meeting in October 1919 at which he delivered his first speech to a large audience. The meeting and the oratory were a huge success.
  • Hitler organized a larger speech event

    In February 1920 Hitler organized a much larger event for a crowd of nearly two thousand in the Munich Hofbrauhaus. He wasn't the main speaker, but when his turn to speak comes, he succeeded in calming a rnoisy audience and presented a twenty-five point programme of ideas which will become the basis of the party.
  • NSDAP changes name and form the S.A.

    Hitler changes his party name to National Socialist German Workers Party (or usually called Nazi). Not long after the February speech Hitler was discharged from the army. He expands his influence in the party and began to create a private group of violent person which he used to reject disorder at party meetings and later to break up rival party's meetings, known as Sturmabteilung or S.A., Hitler's brown shirted storm troopers.
  • Hitler replaced Drexler as a Nazi party chairman

  • "Beer Hall Putsch" coup failed, Hitler arrested

    Hitler and the SA force a public meeting of 3,000 at a beer hall. Hitler told that the national revolution had begun and declared the formation of a new government. After short conflict between audience and Hitler himself, which including 20 deaths, the "Beer Hall Putsch" failed, he's arrested three days later and tried for high treason. After the trial for treason he was sentenced for 5 years in Landsberg prison.