Hitler’s Rise to Power

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  • Von Papen - Chancellor

    The Nazis receive 37.3 percent of total votes. Hindenburg does not want Hitler as chancellor, and therefore appoint Von Papen as chancellor. But he would need the support of Hitler to keep him in power, with Hitler refusing another election would be held.
  • Elections Occurrence

    Election occur again, though the Nazis are in financial trouble. Now they are forced to raise funds and appeal to people for funding. Still the Nazis lost support and lost 20 seats in the Reichstag.
  • Schleicher - Chancellor

    Hindenburg appoints Schleicher chancellor.
  • No support for Schleicher

    Schleicher has difficulty gaining support with the Reichstag, sensing a chance to regain his power, Von Papen secretly agrees to work with Hitler.
  • Schleicher - Admits Defeat

    Schleicher is forced to resign, as there is no support for him in the Reichstag.
  • Adolf Hitler - Chancellor

    Hindenburg appoint Hitler chancellor and Von Papen as Vice-Chancellor, though he hopes to use Hitler as a puppet, as the Nazis are only given 3 seats out of 12, making sure no laws Hitler wanted were passed out.
  • Reichstag fire

    After Hitler becomes chancellor, he still knows he has no real power over anything. However, that all changes with the Reichstag fire. After the event Hitler persuades Hindenburg in giving him special emergency powers. With this power Hitler had now become the law, he could do anything. First he removed all political opponents and the communist were banned from the Reichstag. The Nazis also appealed to other parties to join them.