History Timeline

  • Jan 1, 1436

    The Gutenburg Printing Press is invented

    The Gutenburg Printing Press is invented
    The Gutenburg Printing Press is invented. This is important becuase it spread news much faster and highered the literacy rate by a ton.
  • Jan 1, 1500

    Caravel is Invented

    Caravel is Invented
    The carval is invented. This is important because it makes travel much faster, easier, and safer.
  • Apr 22, 1500

    Pedro Cabral Discovers Brazil

    Pedro Cabral went across the atlantic ocean and discovered Brazil. Pedro is from Portugal which is why brazillians talk Portuguese.
  • Jan 1, 1502

    Vasco De Gamma Forces a Treaty

    Due to his sucsess in India, Vasco is able to send a new fleet. In1502 he forces a treaty of cooperation on the ruler of Calicut
  • Jan 1, 1507

    The New Worlds are named the "Americas"

    Named after an Italian sailor, Amerigo Vespucci, the newly found worlds are named "America" after Amerigo and his travels.
  • Sep 1, 1513

    Vasco Nunez De Balboa Discover Pacific Ocean

    Vasco discoverd the pacific ocean and called it the "south sea" this is impotant because it changed many water routes and made it easier to sail.
  • Oct 31, 1517

    Martin Luther Post 95 Theses on Church Door

    Martin Luther Post 95 Theses on Church Door
    Martin Luther was upset with the church for making stuff up that wasnt in the Bible, like indulgences. In result of this he post 95 theses expalining why the pope is an anti-christ. this is imporant because his belief, and the theses overall created a new religion, Lutherisim.
  • Feb 18, 1519

    Hernan Cortez Makes it to Mexico

    Hernana Cortez was a conquisador, that conquered South America. When he made it to South America he first landed in Mexico.
  • Sep 1, 1519

    Ferdinad Magellan Circumnavigates the Globe

    Ferdinad Magellan Circumnavigates the Globe
    Ferdinad was the first person to cicumnavigate the globe. It took him three years to complete his voyage but did end up making it back to Spain.
  • Apr 17, 1521

    The Diet of Worms

    The Diet of Worms
    The Diet of Worms was a meeting held in Worms Germany to discuss Martin Luther and the theses he posted. This is important because it exccuminicated Luther from the church and was the start of a new religion Lutherisim.
  • Aug 29, 1533

    Fransiscco Pizzaro Conquers Inca

    Fransiscco Pizzaro conquers the inca empior. he dose this by sailing to Peru in 1533.
  • Jan 1, 1534

    Henry VIII Leaves the Catholic Church

    Henry VIII Leaves the Catholic Church
    Henry VIII believing his wife Katherine of Arogon couldnt have sons, wanted an annulment. The pope refusing to give him an annulment, as it is agaisnt the church, angered Henry so he left the church and created his own religion with Thomas Crammer, Anglecisim. This is important because it leads to a religoius crisis of which religion was the right one to believe in.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1545 to

    Catholic Reformation

    Catholicism was loosing a lot of member becuase of other religions. The counter refermation was trying to convert pepole back to Catholisim. They did this by saying good things about the catholic church and bad things about prodestants.
  • Dec 13, 1545

    The Council of Trent

    The Council of Trent
    The Council of Trent was a meeting that discussed all of the things wrong with the catholic chruch, so it can stop lossing members. This is importan because it resolved indulgences, and any other reasons wy pepole would diregard the church.
  • Jan 1, 1549

    The Book Of Common Prayer

    The Book Of Common Prayer
    The Book of Common Prayer is written. This book is used by Lutherist, Calvinist, and Anglicans.
  • Period: Jul 6, 1553 to Nov 17, 1558

    Mary Tudours Reign starts

    Mary Tudour was Catherine of Argons daughter who came into throne after Edward VI died in 1553. Mary tudors was best known for turning England back catholic and killing a lot of pepole in the process, thats why she gained the nickname, "Bloody Mary".
  • Period: Jan 1, 1556 to

    Phillip II Reign

    Phillip II came into reign after Charles V quits. Phillip was obssed with centralism, which soon lead to the Spanish Armada.
  • Mar 21, 1556

    Thomas Crammers Death

    Thomas Crammers Death
    Thomas Crammer was burnt at stake by Mary Tudour for heresy. Mary hated Thomas for annuling her parents and for being Prodestant, when her reign started she either killed or kicked out every prodestant in England, Crammer being one of them.
  • Jan 15, 1559

    England switches back to Anglecian

    England switches back to Anglecian
    After Marys death, Elizabeth the first became queen of England. Elizabeth turned England back to Aglecian, but had religous tolerance. If you were already prodestant she would force you to switch back, but you werent allowed to convert to being prodestant, only Anglecian.
  • Aug 23, 1572

    Bartholomew's Day massacre

    Bartholomew's Day massacre
    Bartholomew's Day Massacre was an event that occured the day of Margeret and Henry's wedding a man named Coligny,a Protestant and everyone followed their example.
  • Spanish Armada

    Spanish Armada
    The Spanish Armada happened because Phillip II belived if he killed all prodestants God would reward Spain. The armada wasnt made to directly invade England, it was to send Netherland troops to England. The invasion was a faliure as the cannon ball dint work and Francis Drake sabotaged the ships. in result it caused a religious crisis because God dint help Spain.
  • Period: to

    Edict of Nantes

    Henry of Navarre wanted France more centralized. He created the edict of Nantes to help centralize power and create religious tolerence.
  • Period: to


    Mercantilism an economic system where countries try to make more than the countries aorund them. this is important because it lead to balance of trade, which was getting more exports thatn imports.
  • The dutch east india company starts

    The dutch east india company starts
    The Dutch East India Company was a company made to protect the states trade in the Indian Ocean. It quickly became the biggest and most powerful company at that time. It was so powerful that it could make whatever desisions they wanted and start wars.
  • War With Scotland

    Charles I wanted Scotland to be Aglecian but needs money to go to war. Charles asks Parliment. Parliment wants to help so they dont get taken over.
  • Charles I Gets Executed

    Charles I Gets Executed
    Parliment was constantly mad at Charles for levying taxes and giving perogative courts. Charles kept disobeying parliment even when they signed the petition of right. Later there is a civil war between the cavaliers(Charles side) and the roundheads(Parliments side). The cavaliers losse the war but Charles refuses to give up because "God choose him" as he was a firm beliver in divine right. Later they executed charles by chopping off his head.
  • Period: to


    After Charles died England became a republic. this means there is no kings and no House of Lords. Calvinism also became the offical religion of England, but they dont ban Aglecisim. When Oliver Cromwell dies commwealth soon falls apart.
  • Louis XIV Moves into Versailles

    Louis XIV Moves into Versailles
    Louis XIV built a house that demonstrates power. in order to build the house and pay for the expenses he would tell nobles" if you give me a few million dollars I will exempt you from taxes forever" Later this would cause a huge decline in wealth because the only money the french goverment is getting is taxes from peasants.
  • The Glorious Revolution

    William of Orange and Jame's daughter conquer England. James flees to France
  • Bill Of Rights

    William and Mary create a bill of rights that states there is going t be a constitutional monarch, parliment has the right to pass laws and taxes, a king cannot pass taxes, no more perogative courts.