History Project

By tro2422
  • 100

    Founding of Rome

    Romulus founds Rome 753 b.c
  • 100

    Rome monarchy ends republic is formed

    Tarquinius suburbus is run out of Rome and a republic is formed 509 b.c
  • 100

    Julius Caesar killed

    Happened in 44 B.C
  • 100

    Rome Triumphs

    Rome defeats cleopatra and mark Antony and ends the struggle for power led by Caesar son. 33 B.C
  • 125

    Pantheon constructed

    The pantheon is completed by Hadrian as a shrine for the gods.
  • 312

    Converts to Christianity

    Constantine defeats there rival and then converts to Christianity along with building Christian basilics
  • 476

    Rome is taken over by the goths

    Romulus abidicates and the goths take full control of Rome