History of Vaccines

  • Edward Jenner performs the first vaccination

    Edward Jenner performs the first vaccination
    Edward Jenner exposes his gardener's son to the cow pox virus, and then exposes him to small pox. He does not contract smallpox. This process is later called vaccination.
  • First anthrax vaccine

    First anthrax vaccine
    Louis Pasteur weakened anthrax germs and used them to create a vaccine. His vaccine was challenged to a test in which the vaccine would be given to one group of sheep, and another group of sheep would not recieve it. Then all the sheep were exposed to anthrax germs. All of the sheep without the vaccine died, while the sheep that had been given the vaccine remained completely healthy.
  • First rabies vaccine

    First rabies vaccine
    Rabies was becoming more common in France, so Louis Pasteur decided to try to make a vaccine. He and his team discovered that the rabies germ made its way to the brain and then attaked the body's nervous system. Using this knowledge, they created a vaccine.
  • First cholera vaccine

    First cholera vaccine
    Louis Pasteur created this vaccine when farmers were having trouble with chicken cholera. He discovered that if chickens were injected with a new strain of cholera after being injected with an old strain, they would not get the disease.
  • First typhoid fever vaccine

    First typhoid fever vaccine
    Almroth Edward Wright discovered the firt typhoid fever vaccine. This vaccine consisted of heat killed typhoid bacilli.
  • First Tuburculosis vaccine

    First Tuburculosis vaccine
    French scientists Calmette and Guerin invented this vaccine. They did this by using a low virulence strain of the disease for the vaccine.
  • First yellow fever vaccine

    First yellow fever vaccine
    Max Theiler created the yellow fever vaccine. After passing the yellow fever virus through lab mice, he found that this weakened form of it effectively stopped Rhesus monkeys from getting yellow fever.
  • First vaccine for influenza

    First vaccine for influenza
    Dr. Thomas Francis Jr. is said to be the father of the influenza vaccine because he led the team that created the vaccine from a virus grown in minced chicken embryos.
  • First vaccine for Polio

    First vaccine for Polio
    Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine using "killed" polio virus. It was proved successful after being tested on his children, his wife, and himself.
  • First chicken pox vaccine

    First chicken pox vaccine
    Michiaki Takahashi developed the first chicken pox vaccine in Japan by growing it in many animal and human cell cultures.