History of Transportation

By Pokey
  • Coal power!

    Coal power!
    Thisd is the first time coal was mined for power. This led to basically everything being powered by coal.
  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
    The steam engine! It as made in the late 1700's, and it's important to transportation because many things are powered by steam engines.
  • Interchangeable parts

    Interchangeable parts
    Interchangeable parts! These were first actually used in about the 1700's, used by gunsmiths. In the 11th century, China had the concept drawn of them, but not made.
  • Steamships!

    Steamships! These were pantented in England in 1736 by Johnathan Hulls.
  • Steam locomotives

    Steam locomotives
    Steam trains! These were, obviously, the first trains powered by steam.
  • Diesel engine!

    Diesel engine!
    First diesel engine! Made by Rudolf Disel.
  • Modern car!

    Modern car!
    The first modern was invented... sorta. It was powered by electrcity, but it was big and heavy, so the idea was scraped.
  • Walking!

    We got feet! (We've been able to walk long thabn just 1901.) We can walk around and move to places to settle new lands and build new things and so much stuff!
  • Horse and Buggy!

    Horse and Buggy!
    Wikipedia This was invented about the 18th century! We were finally able to travel long distances in a short amount of time!
  • Bicycles!

    Wikipedia Bicycles were invented about the 19th cenury! While these usually can't get you asd far as a horse and buggy, bicycles have lasted until the present day.
  • Internal combustion engine

    Internal combustion engine
    The first internal combustion engine! yay!
  • First airplane!

    First airplane!
    Airplanes! This started us humans acting like birds! Developed by the Wright brothers.
  • Ford Model T

    Ford Model T
    WikipediaThe first modern car! Created by Henry Ford.
  • Kick scooter!

    Kick scooter!
    The first scooter was invented! They have been around for at least 100 years.
  • Helicopter!

    The first helicopter was invented... sorta. again. In 1936, it was first designed, but only until 1942 was the design mass made.