History of the time of Ohio

By atm107
  • President jeffirson

    President jeffirson singhed the doument so Ohio would become the first untied states of america.
  • Ohio unaveristy

    Ohio unerveristy was created in 1804.
  • In 1812

    They founded cloubous and it was named the capitol.
  • The

    the British fleet at the at the battle of lake erie cut off the british.
  • The war

    the war hapend through 1812-1814 and ended saturday the 2nd
  • The complete thing

    They completed the Ohio and erie canal.
  • The president

    President licion issued the emancipation proclamation of Ohio
  • They led the army

    Grant led the army with robert E.
  • Robert lee

    Robert lee surrendered the army of the nothern virgana.
  • leon

    leon czolgzose assassinated for president mickenly.
  • The flood

    The flood of 1913 caused a death of at least 322 ohians brought that.
  • The troops

    Aproximately 1,200 troops died at the camp site.
  • Ohio

    Ohio's first sales tax.
  • The genral

    The genral assembly to creat the Ohio department.
  • The cities

    St. lawrlance seeway connected the cities.
  • Jhon glenn

    Jhon glenn was the oldest man to go up into space.