History of the Internet TimeLine~ArifKhan

By rbf7812
  • Telegraph

    · Patented by Cooke and Wheatstone
    · Morse code
    · Binary data
    · Requires wires
  • Transatlantic Cable

    · Allowed direct instantaneous communication across Atlantic ocean.
  • Telephone

    · Alexander Graham bell
    · It's electric components
  • Sputnik

    · The first satellite launched by the Russians.
    · It made Internet and sharing much easier
    · It was used to launch weapons
  • Switching network

    · Internet based on electrical packets to share info.
    · Data is split into tiny packets
    · There are three different types. If one route goes down, other can be used to transfer the data.
  • Birth of the internet

    · First node has been developed
    · Arpanet is commissioned.
  • Birth of the email

    · 15 nodes (23 hosts) on Arpanet.
    · A program used to send and receive messages.
  • First public demonstration

    · The Internet and the email goes public
  • America online(AOL)

    · It was used for many purposes like chatting
  • Tim Burnurs Lee

    · The creator of the world wide web.
  • Invention of the web

    · Hyper text transfer protocol (http)
    · Hyper text makeup language (HTML)
    · A web browser and web editor
    · A web server and http server software
  • Invention of the web

    · A computer has been created by the company Next headed by Steve Jobs.
  • www has been realized to the public

    · It did not have graphics at first.
    · It changed the way we share things.
  • The graphical web

    · Browsers started to have graphics
    · Mosaic- first graphical web browser
    · It eventually led to fire fox
  • The commercial web opened

    · Shopping malls and banks arrived on the web
    · Most of the webs were static.
  • The commercial web

    · Webs are now able to interact.
    · Dominos was the first pizza company to have online order.
  • The mobile web

    · The first phone launched with Internet : Nokia 9000
  • Web 2.0

    · Interactivity
    · Info sharing
    · User granted content
    · Collaboration
    · Photos and video sharing
    · Blogging