history of the internet timeline patrick carroll

  • electronic computer

    The first electronic computer was created in Japan By Hideo Yamachito.
  • storing info

    The Government had received the first computer the UNIVAC 1101 which could store memory on the computer itself.
  • creation of ARPA

    President Eisenhower request to create ARPA was approved
  • ARPA begins

    Arpa project begins with Larry Roberts as it's Chief Scientist
  • Link

    The first link of the ARPAnet was made between the University of California-Los Angeles and the Stanford research Institute.
  • email

    Ray Tomlinson developed email and his first one was "QWERTYUIOP“.
  • eBooks

    Around the world people started to make books and other documents in the public domain available electronically for free.
  • internetwork?

    People proposed to link all of the Arpa-like networks together into one larger network ( an internetwork)
  • Spam!

    Gary Thuersent sent the worlds first spam out to 600 Arpanet users.
  • MUD

    MUD's (multi-user dungeons) were the earliest online multiplayer games.

    Was the first cooperative network from University of New York to Yale, and mas used to transfer files, e-mail, and distribute information.
  • Internet language and intetnet

    TCP/IP is the language of most internet computers. This was the first time the networks were seen as the internet
  • First Domain

    XF.com purchased their internet address from the Symbolics company.
  • Morris worm

    First virus on the internet was sent and 6,000 computers were infected.
  • Internet Comm

    Internet Relay Chat(IRC) made it easier and faster to communication using the Internet.
  • web page &webcam

    First web page created to explain what the world wide web was and the1st webcam was deployed at a Cambridge University computer lab
  • mosaic

    Mosaic was the 1st graphical web browser created for the general public.
  • Pizza and navigation

    Netscape Navigator: Mosaic’s first big competitor was made and Pizza Hut offers pizza ordering on its web page now.
  • Commercialization of the Internet

    SSL created, making it safer to conduct financial transactions. EBay,Amazon.com, and JavaScript started.
  • email service

    The first Email service Hotmail was launched
  • Google and Napster

    Google and Napster were started.
  • Increased Bandwidth

    We Increased Bandwidth
  • Search engines

    Google and Yahoo get extremely updated.
  • Smart Phones

    Smart Phones become pretty common for people to have.
  • Increased use of Internet

    Places like the Middle East and Africa are starting to use the internet.