History of the Internet Timeline Katherine Poje

  • Storing Memory

    First computer to store memory.
  • First Electronic Computer

    The first electronic computer was created by a man named Hideo Yamachito. Without this woould could not have the internet today.
  • Start of ARPA

    President Eisenhower requests funds to create ARPA. This was approved.
  • Project of ARPA

    In 1966 Arpa project of ARPA began. Larry Roberts as the chief scientist. This was important because the group started working on ARPA
  • Development of E-Mail

    In the year of 1971 a man nameed ray Tomlinson developeded E-Mail. This also had to do with the creation of the @ symbol
  • Start of E-Books

    E-Books were being studied so documents and files could be shared electronicly for free.
  • TCP/IP

    TCP/IP was the inking of networks.
  • Spam

    This spam was called the unsolicited email message, and it was sent out to 600 users.
  • MUD

    First multiplayer games, such as World of Warcraft.

    BITNET was the first network sent from from University of New York to Yale. BITNET was used to distribute information.

    First time many networks was called the internet.
  • Internet Communication

    E-Mail and news groups are shared and used at different locations, meaning that internet commuincation is becoming more popular.
  • First Domain

    XF.com was purchased as the first internet address from the Symbolics company.
  • Morris Worm

    Fisrt vires produced on the internet. 6,000 computers were infected from the Morris Worm
  • More to Internet Communication

    Internet Relay Chat(IRC) is avalible and makes chating over the internet easier and faster.
  • First Web Page

    First web page was created and it was used to explain what the world wide web was.
  • Mosaic

    The first graphic web browser was created and open to the public.
  • Java and SSL

    Java was shown to the public in 1995. SSL made it safer to do shopping over the internet,
  • First E-Mail Service

    Hotmail created to first e-mail service on the internet. This stated a trend to open more s-mail services.

    The search engin Google was launched and open to the public.
  • Bandwidth

    Bandwidth made it possible to share picture and info a lot faster.
  • Search Engins

    More info is avalible, and more way to search anything.
  • Smart Phones Come Alive

    Internet is offered on you phone so being the name smart phone. More work and tasks can be done quicker and easier.
  • More Use of the Internet

    Over 1 billion people are useing the internet everyday.