History of the Internet Timeline - Evan Knop

  • Storing Memory

    The Government had received the first computer, called UNIVAC 1101.
  • First Electronic Computer

    Created in Japan by Hideo Yamachito
  • Creation of ARPA

    It led to the creation of the internet
  • ARPA Begins

  • First Link Created

  • Email First Developed

  • Birth of eBooks

  • The Beginning of TCP/IP

  • Spam is Created

  • MUD - Earliest form of multiplayer games

  • Bitnet

  • ARPANET - Frist collection of networks

  • First Domain

  • Morris Worm

    First Virus on the internet. 6,000 computers were infected
  • Internet Communication Improved

  • First Web Page created

  • 1st Webcam

    Developed at Cambridge
  • Netscape Navigator

    first real competitor with mosaic
  • Pizza Hut offers online delivery

  • Commercialization of the Internet

    Sites like eBay and Amazon make it easier to purchase things online.
  • Java and JavaScript introduced into the public

  • Google

    Google was first launched as a search engine
  • Napster

    First peer to peer file sharing site
  • Increased Bandwith

    Increased Bandwith allows faster speeds for streaming videos.
  • Search Engines

    Search engines like google and yahoo allow tons of information to be found.
  • Smart Phones

    Some say that smart phone users will soon exceed actual internet users.
  • Increased Use of Internet

    Billions of people use the internet and many users have been gained since the year 2000
  • First graphical web browser created for the general public

    Called "Mosaic"
  • First Email Serivice

    Hotmail was created for emailing