History of The Internet

By A.Z
  • ARPA

    ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Ageny) goes online. Designed for research and education
  • E-Mail

    E-Mail is introduced
  • TCP

    Transmission Control Panel becomes the standard communication between computers
  • Internet

    The Word Internet is used for the first time
  • DNS

    Domain Name System is used to as extensions such as .com and .org
  • Internet Worm

    Internet Worm shuts down 10%of internet servers
  • WWW

    World Wide Web is introduced
  • Point and click

    Point and click actions are introduced
  • Whitehouse Website

    The White House launces there own website
  • Java and Vatican Website

    A new internet programing is introduced called JAVA and the vatican launches its own website
  • 40 Million Users of the Internet

    Over 40 Million users of the Intenet
  • Mars Images and Blog

    NASA Launches Prob images of Mars and weblog is shorten to blog
  • Google

    Google opens its first office
  • My Space

    My Space is launched
  • Itunes

    Apple Itunes is Introduced
  • Youtube

    Youtube is launched
  • Websites

    There are more than 92 million websites
  • Yahoo

    Microsoft buys Yahoo
  • Wikipedia

    Wikipedia was shutdown for a day