History of the Internet

  • Period: to

    Packet Switching Networks

    When data is broken down, sent through a network, and reassembled as it comes out, this started being used in the 60's.
  • U.S Develops DARPA/ARPA

    U.S Develops DARPA/ARPA
    In the year of 1968, not particularly in August, the United States Defense Department created ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) or DARPA (Defense Advancec Research Projects Agency). This was the first widespread internet used by the military to be able to defend against an attack and register it from multiple spots, allowing quick and easy retaliation.
  • First International Connection

    In 1973, the first international connection was made to University College in England. This was groundbreaking as now information could pass around the world via internet.
  • Usenet

    Usenet was the first personal internet focused on sharing information with other people, not for military. Although initially caused trouble with Arapnet, eventually it was disputed with the creation of NNTP (Net News Transfer Protocol).
  • IRC

    IRC stand for Internet Relay Chat. In 1988, as the internet was growing rapidly in use, chatrooms began being formed for people to host conversations in realtime. This marked the beginning of social interaction on the internet.
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    WWW (World Wide Web) was introduced by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Caillau, Tim wanted a "standard linked information system accessible across the range of different computers in use." The system had to be made simple so computers of various qualities could access it.
  • First Browser

    The first internet browser, Mosiac, developed by National Center for Supercomputer Applications (NCSA) caught the attention of many internet users and was immediately ported to PCs and Macs.Services like domain registration were quickly monopolized upon.
  • Major ISP Creation

    In 1995, the first ISPs (A company that connects you to the internet) were created, including popular ones such as AOL. This is about the time the internet become incredibly popular and in consistent use.
  • Period: to

    Internet Growth

    Since 1995 where ISPs became popular. The internet has been growing exceedingly, to the point where there are thousands of websites added daily, making the internet one of the few indestructible systems, with predictions saying the impact of the internet will continually become more and more noticable.