• Aug 27, 612


    Under the rule of chaldeans babylonia again became center of learning and science.
    Bulding on earlier babylonian knowledge mathematics,chaldean astronomers
  • Aug 29, 623

    the begining of budahism

    buddha was a prince he tried to understand the cause of the human suffering.the cause of suffering are the selfishdesire for power , wheat and pleasure
  • Aug 28, 1100

    phoenician sea power

    their land had limited bad the importan resources such as wood and snails
  • Aug 27, 1500


    They invented the battering arm ,a powerfull weapon heaving wooden beam mounted on whels.
  • Aug 28, 1550

    new kingdom

    the New Kingdom may have started a few years earlier than the conventional date of 1550 BC.
  • Aug 28, 1550


    the colonies : north of africa and spain
    archivments: coins and alphabet

    The babylonian empire built roads trought the empire.
    The rulers of this empire gained great wealth from trade and agriculture.
  • ancient china

    china is located in the east of asia the effects of civilization are china has natural borders that separate them from that reson
  • israelites civilization

    religion: monotheism and judaism
    location:cannan for two fenturies
    kindom: israelites and juda
    main ideas: fight between good and evil

    The persians spreid their religion , their system of bureaucracy.
    These persian cultural achivements survived to help shape our modern civilization.
  • middle kingdom

    is the period in the history of ancient Egypt stretching from the establishment of the Eleventh Dynasty to the end of the Thirteenth Dynasty.
  • ancient india

    Are located in the south of asia, the politic ar republish and monarch , economy are trade and farming the religion are hinduism and buthism
  • old kingdom

    The Old Kingdom is most commonly regarded as the period from the Third Dynasty through to the

    Mesopotamia was the first civilization that appear in the world.
    The mesopotamia word mean was land between rivers
  • egipt civilization

    there ubicate in the north est of africa the economc activityy are farming and trade the religion is politeist and the achivments are math and medicine
  • hinduism in ancient india

    ther politeist but also believe in one single espirit that lieve in evriting [brahma]
    te most importan gods:
    brahma , vishnu , shiva