History of the airforce

  • signal corps to the air corps

    signal corps to the air corps
    the U.S Army ignal corps formed an aeronutical Division.this action came only three-and-a-half years after the Wright brothers flew the first powered airplane.
  • signal corps

    signal corps
    as a result of congressional legislation, the ramy established the aviation section of the signal corps to improve its fledgling flying capabilities.
  • allied powers

    allied powers
    when the United States entered the war on the side of the Allied Powers, each of the major combatants had developed aircraft industries far superior to those of the United States.
  • Col. Raynal Bolling

    Col. Raynal Bolling
    in WW1 a resident of Greenwich, Connecticut was shot and killed by a german patrol officer in france.
  • WWll

    when Adolf Hitler lauched and attack against poland starting WWll the air corps began a steady growth from 26000 personnel and fewer than 2000 planes.
  • U.S Air Force

    U.S Air Force
    The US Army Air Force initiated the Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft program (NEPA). Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corp. was selected to study the possibility of developing a long range strategic bomber powered by a nuclear reactor.
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  • 1948

    Soviet blockade of Berlin in 1948 demistrated the capabilities during the cold war
  • north and south korea

    north and south korea
    The Soviet-backed invasion between North Korea, and South Korea in 1950 drew the U.S airforce to a 3 year crisis.
  • atomic energy

    atomic energy
    The US Atomic Energy Commission and the Air Force instituted the Aircraft Nuclear propulsion development Program (ANP). It ended in 1961 under Pres. John F. Kennedy.
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  • 52 aircrafts destroyed

    52 aircrafts destroyed
    A severe tornado moved through Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City destroying 52 aircraft.
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  • operation rolling thunder

    operation rolling thunder
    in 1965, the U.S AirForce launched Operation Rolling Thunder against targets in North Vietnam.
  • military

    in 1964 the military began a full pledge of operations on the side of south korea
  • blue rock

    blue rock
    The U.S. Air Force closed its Project "Blue Book" by finding no evidence of extraterrestrial spaceships behind thousands of UFO sightings. It had begun in 1948 as Project Sign.
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  • north vietnamese

    north vietnamese
    it wasnt until the Linebacker Operations of 1972, in which they used air power were use greatly against North Vietnamese forces and facilities
  • air force units

    air force units
    Air Force units engaged in many contingency operations, including the (seizure of Grenada) in 1983.
  • operation Dessert storm

    operation Dessert storm
    The Air Force's well-trained personnel and sophisticated weapons lived up to this vision during Operation Desert Storm in early 1991 Deploying halfway around the world in Operation Desert Shield after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in August 1990,
  • C.I.A

    The US National Archives signed a secret agreement with the CIA permitting the spy agency to withdraw from public access records it considered to have been improperly declassified. A similar agreement was signed with the Air Force in 2002. This news was only made public in 2006.
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  • General Benjamin Oliver Davis, Jr.

    General Benjamin Oliver Davis, Jr.
    General Benjamin Oliver Davis, Jr. (b.1912), the first black general in the US Air Force and commander of the World War II Tuskegee Airmen, died in Washington. In 1991 he published his autobiography “Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., American: An Autobiography.”
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  • Corey Marques Jasmin

    Corey Marques Jasmin
    Corey Marques Jasmin (20), an airman at Travis Air Force Base, robbed an adult book store in Fairfield, Ca. Hours later he killed two homeless women, Otilia Carrington (48) and Ricksehlla Harrison (29). In 2008 a state appeals court upheld his life sentence without parole.
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  • Michael Hayden

     Michael Hayden
    US Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden was sworn in as CIA director.
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  • bombs and shootings

    bombs and shootings
    Bombs and shootings killed at least 21 people in attacks across Baghdad and its northern suburbs. US and Iraqi troops arrested 85 suspected insurgents in operations around the country. Two US airmen and an Air Force civilian were killed by an explosive near Balad Air Base.
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  • u.s pentagon

    u.s pentagon
    The US Pentagon cancelled the $40 billion competition for new aerial refueling tankers for the Air Force, delaying the competition to a new administration, and giving a reprieve to Boeing.
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  • budget cut

    budget cut
    President approves a budget cut that will cut down on resources for airforce.