Portugal army

History of Portugal

  • Period: Jul 21, 1400 to

    Portugease Nation's

  • Sep 7, 1400


    Mozambique doesnt not yet exist as a unified country, but in multiple kindgoms.The region lies between two great rivers: Zambezi and Limpop. The Shona rules between the two regions.
  • Jun 19, 1474

    Portuguese Guinea

    Portuguese Guinea
    Portugal took control over this African nation.
  • Aug 12, 1483


    Portugal arrives in Angola and takes over and Angola is eventually taken over by the Portuguese.
  • Apr 2, 1498

    Vasco da Gama

    Vasco da Gama
    Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama reaches the shores of Mozambique with four ships and he is very interested in how develpoed with trade, monetary economy, wealthy merchants and sheikhs
  • Portuguese Settlement

    Portuguese Settlement
    Portugal announces that Mozambique is now their colony. The slave trade starts.
  • Slave Trade

    Slave Trade
    Before Angola was taken over this small nation was apart of the slave trade countries. Portuguese the shipping of slaves in Angola.
  • Rebellion

    The people of Portuguese Ginuea had enough of there rules and regulations and rebelled against the Portuguese and a war begans with the residents of Guinea and the Portuguese army.
  • Discoveries

    Portugese discovered huge oil fields in Cabinda and sold it for profit.
  • Rebels vs. Portuguese Army

    Rebels vs. Portuguese Army
    After awhile of fighting the rebels won the war between themselves and the portuguese army and also won there independence back from Portugal.
  • Cabinda

    In the same year as Angola, Portugal lost the power over Cabinda and they became their own independent nation in Africa.
  • Indpendence

    After the Portugal having control for many years, Angola gained independence.