Browsers 003

History of Our internet

By aereese
  • Batch Processing Created

    One task at a time, The idea of time sharing
  • Arpanet- the first network created

    Computers at UCLA and Stanford connect for the first time, first two hosts, 4 hosts
  • Arpanet breaks out East

    Host computers are installed in Harvard, MIT, and BBN
    In Hawaii work has started on Alohanet, Norm Abramson
    13 Hosts
  • First Email

    Ray Tomlinson at BBN makes the first email at Arpanet, first email was telling his colleagues how to use it. 23 hosts
  • The Internetwork

    Proposal to link up Arpa like networks, which are starting to pop up, the first use of the word internet is recorded
  • Building the Hardware

    Users are able to get online from home, Pc and Apple 11 are created and sold
  • Spam

    600 spam emails are sent to californian Arpanet users by Gary Thuerk
  • Enquire

    uses hypertexts to allow Cern scientists to track people, projects and software
  • Dot Com

    Daomain names such as the .com, .org, .edu are used
  • IRC

    Internet realay chat is born by Jarkko Oikarinen at U of Oulu in Finland, allows people to chat, share files, and form communities
  • IMBD

    Internet movie data base is created by Hp engineer col needham
  • Netscape Rise and Fall

    Marc Andreessen Created netscape it burned brightley and fast, absorbed by aol and microsoft in the 2000's
  • Blogging

    Justin Hall was one of the first bloggers, the word weblog is created to describe these sites and eventually is shortened to blog in the 90's
  • The Collapse

    Netscape and IPO vanish
  • Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is born, launches in January and by August, it had over 8000 articles, now it has over 3 million!
  • FaCeBoOk

    Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and relesased it in 2006, to everyone 13 and over, became one of the worlds largest social networking sites
  • Youtube

    Youtube makes watching videos on the web faster and more efficient, first video was Me at the Zoo