History of New Zealand

By Arslu
  • Jan 1, 952

    First inhabitants

    First inhabitants
    The first Polynesians arrived in New Zealand in 952. Later, they will be known as "Maori".
  • Europeans discovered New Zealand

    Europeans discovered New Zealand
    Abel Tasman made a sighting of New Zealand. He was the first European to discover these islands.
  • Treaty of Waitangi

    Treaty of Waitangi
    In 1840, Maori and United Kingdom signed a treaty which established British sovereignty over New Zealand.
  • Maori Wars

    Maori Wars
    The Maori Wars were a couple of conficts, between 1845 and 1872, because the Maori didn't want to be under colonial authority. Many Maori and English settlers died during these wars.
  • Maori in Parliament

    Maori in Parliament
    In 1867, the Maori won 4 reserved seats in Parliament.
  • Women's right to vote

    Women's right to vote
    New Zealand was the first country to allow women to vote.
  • Dominion

    New Zealand became a dominion (a practically independent state) in 1907.
  • South Pacific Commission

    South Pacific Commission
    In 1947, New Zealand collaborated with several nations (the USA, France, Autralia...) to create the South Pacific Commission. Its goal is to promote the welfare of the Pacific.
  • Pacific Islands Forum

    Pacific Islands Forum
    In 1971 was created the Pacific Islands Forum, an association of different countries of the Pacific Ocean (New Zealand, Australia...) to enhance their economy and the quality of their inhabitants' quality of life.
  • New electoral system : MMP

    New electoral system : MMP
    In 1996, they changed their electoral system from FPP to MMP. It allowed the smallers parties to be more represented in Parliament.