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History of Memorial Day

By tlsjr73
  • Memorial Day Proclaimed

    General John Logan, commander of hte Grand Army of the Republic, in his General Order No. 11 selected a date in which the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery would have flowers placed on their graves.
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    History of Memorial Day

  • Memorial Day first observed

    After General Order No. 11 issued by General John Logan memorial day was first observed on May 30, 1868 and was originally refered to as Decoration Day, as a day of rememberance for those who died during the Civil War.
  • The First Observence

    The First Observence
    During the first observence General James Garfield gave a speech at Arlington National Cemetery at its conclusion 5,000 citizens decorated more than 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers buried in the cemetery
  • First State Officially Recognizes Holiday

    First State Officially Recognizes Holiday
    New York becomes the first state to officially recognize the holiday on May 30, 1873
  • Decoration Day Recognized in Northern States

    By 1890 all Northern States in the recognized 30th of May as Decoration Day. Many southern states refused to recognize the day and continued to honor their civil war dead on seperate days
  • Observance of Decoration Day

    The U.S. Army and Navy establish regulations for the proper observacne of Decoration Day at their facilities
  • Name Changed to Memorial Day

    After World War I (The Great War) the meaning of the Decoration Day changed from honoring Civil War dead to honoring all Americans in any way. The name was changed to "Memorial Day" It was during this time period that many southern states began to recognize the day
  • Cub and boy Scouts begin tradition

    Cub and boy Scouts begin tradition
    In St. Louis scouts began placing flags at 150,000 grave markers in 1951, at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary, a practice that continues today.
  • Waterloo, N.Y., the official birthplace of Memorial Day

    Waterloo, N.Y., the official birthplace of Memorial Day
    Preident Lyndon Johnson declared Waterloo, N.Y. the birthplace of Memorial Day which had first celebrated the holiday on May 5, 1866
  • Uniform Holidays Bill

    Uniform Holidays Bill
    Passed on June 28, 1968 the bill moved four holidays from the traditional date to a specified Monday. memorial day was moved to the last Monday in May. It took effect in 1971
  • National Moment of Rememberance

    National Moment of Rememberance
    This act asks Americans where ever they are at 3pm local time on Memorial day to pause in an act of Naitonal Unity for more information view this website
  • Memorial Day Parade

    Memorial Day Parade
    After 60 years the tradition of having a Memorial Day Parade returns to Washington DC in 2004. The video is a look at the 2007 Memorial Day Parade in our Nations Capital.
  • Troops place Flags

    Members of hte 3rd U.S. Infantry will place American Flags over 160,000 graves in Arlington National Cemetary. This tradition takes place on the Thursday before Memorial Day. It began in the late 1950's
  • Luminaria

    Boy and Girl Scouts in Virginia will plaace a candle on the graves of soldiers at Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Parks this tradition has happened on the Saturday before Memorial Day since 1998
  • Boy Scout Troop 214

    Boy Scout Troop 214
    The Saturday before Memorial Day the Boy Scouts of Troop 214 in West Jefferson, NC travel to all of the graveyards in Ashe County and place an American Flag on the grave of all Soldiers. The old flags are collected and on the 4th of July they are retired in a Ceremony with the Ashe County VFW.
  • Memorial Day 2010

    We will celebrate Memorial Day on May 31st this year. Take time to remember what the holiday is meant for.