History of Medicine Timeline

  • Period: to

    History of Modern Medicine

  • Blood classified

    Blood classified
    Karl Landsteiner develops a system that classifies blood into their types.
  • Insulin is used

    Insulin is used
    Insulin is used for the treatment of diabetes
  • Period: to

    Vaccines made

    Vaccines for diptheria, whooping cough, tuberculosis, and tetanus are made.
  • Penicillin discovered

    Penicillin discovered
    Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin
  • Paper of ultrasonics

    Paper of ultrasonics
    The first papers on ultrasonic or ultrasounds are published by Karl Theodore.
  • Influenza Vaccine

    Influenza Vaccine
    Influenza vaccine was first used.
  • DNA Structure

    DNA Structure
    Work on the structure of DNA was worked on by James Watson and Francis Crick.
  • Polio Vaccine

    Polio Vaccine
    First polio vaccine developed by Jonas Salk
  • CAT- Scans

    CAT- Scans
    CAT-Scans invented by Robert Ledley
  • Smallpox Eradicated

    Smallpox Eradicated
  • First clone

    First clone
    Dolly the sheep is the first cloned organism
  • Vaccine targeting cancer

    Vaccine targeting cancer
    First vaccine made that targets causes of cancer