History of Internet

  • ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network)

    ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network)
    In the early 1970s an Arpanet was developed and was funded by ARPA. In fact, ARPA was first packet-switching network formed and was used to share workload within a network of scientific computers. In other words, ARPA was used interlink different computers system that around the country.
  • Email

    Email also known as an electronic mail which means when an individual sends or receives a message electronically wise. Email was discovered by a computer engineer named Ray Tomlinson in 1971. When a person is creating an email, they need to combine it with their host name or user name alongside with a symbol: @, which is often called address.
  • International packet switched service

    International packet switched service
    Packet switching is way of transmitting data through digital network communication. It can be used regardless of the content, type and structure. Besides that, it was created in 1978 through collaboration between the United Kingdom's General Post Office, Western Union International, and the United States' Tymnet. However, by 1990 it was considered to be a worldwide network that infrastructure.
  • Newsgroups and bulletin boards

     Newsgroups and bulletin boards
    This was invented by students called Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis in 1979 but was later accomplished in 1980. It allows users to read and post public messages to more than one category known as Newsgroups. However, bulletin boards allow users to make physical notice board and are now more versatile which can be download and uploaded. It is mostly used by newsgroups that are seeking for information on specific subject but it can be used based on any topic.
  • TCP/IP protocol, National Science Foundation

    TCP/IP protocol, National Science Foundation
    TCP and IP was developed by a Department of Defense in order to connect several types of network. It allowed users to file transfer, send electronic mail, and remote logon. IP is in charge of moving packet of data from node to another node and it is based on four byte destination address. However, TCP is responsible of confirming the correct delivery of data from client to server and it very useful because it detects errors or lost data.
  • Domain name addressing system

    Domain name addressing system
    The domain name address system was constructed back in 1960 when computer networking was only available to the U.S. Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Besides that, this system allows users to enter a hostname rather than of an IP address. In other cases, the networking computers were given specific address for a proper interconnection on the computers, which was known as HOST.TXT.
  • 10,000 hosts

    10,000 hosts
    The growth of the internet has increase for the last several decades. This is because internet has become worldwide network that interconnect individuals through websites. In fact, internet served only to interconnect laboratories occupied with government research but since 1994 it has expanded to serve more than millions users. Besides that, researchers believe that the internet will increase and will become a very powerful platform that will change the way people do business and communicate.
  • First commercial dial-up

    First commercial dial-up
    In the early 1990s, the first commercial internet dial-up was available through the internet. It was offered by CompuServe, Prodigy and America online as they made available in 1995. The dial-up internet was made through telephone lines and by 1996 there were more than 14 million houses using dial-up internet service. And as time past by it has increased into more than 75 million users online.
  • Search engines

    Search engines
    Although there are four different types of search engines, 1990 there first search engine was made by an American university student name Archie. His purpose was to make search engine that allow users to research any type of information and data and to be used by any type of person e.g. business, students and children. The first search engine held 150 gigabytes compare to Google which is one search engine but holds around 20,000 terabytes of data every day.
  • World Wide Web, CERN

    World Wide Web, CERN
    Although the World Wide Web was created by Tim Berners, lee and Robert calilliau in early 1990, it was made proposals for hypertext system and hyperlinks. In other words, web has a body of software and set of protocols and conventions. For the past several years the World Wide Web has become easy to use for anyone as the users can browse, roam and contribute.
  • First widely used browser (Mosaic)

    First widely used browser (Mosaic)
    The first widely web used in 1993 was NCSA Mosaic and the first commercial web browser was known as Netscape Navigator but was later called Communicator. It was actually created in 1992 and was invented by National Centre for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign beginning in late. However, in 1999 Microsoft Internet Explore was invented which as a result was used instead of Netscape browser.
  • 10 million users

     10 million users
    Since the internet has been invented and was available for everyone, there amount of users have increased to 10 million users, in 1997. Besides that, internet was used to communication with others and create social network e.g. Facebook. As a result internet is changing all the time. Besides that, the internet is through other technology including mobile technology.
  • Youtube

    YouTube is way of uploading and sharing videos to the public audience. It allows billion of people to discover, watch and create videos. Besides that it provides a forum for people to connect, inform and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original-content creators and advertisers, large and small.
  • Twitter

    Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting. Simply the individual would find the accounts they find most compelling and follow the conversations.
  • Now

    For the past several years, the expertises have developed famous websites such as wiki and other users have created their own blogs and social network such as Twitter. Besides that, users are able to play games online and commutate as well as interact between other people.