History of Health Care

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  • 200

    The Barber-Surgeon

    barber-surgeons performed surgery to treat cataracts and practiced phelbotomy.
  • 200

    barber sugeron

    the barbers were in the milliary and they would treat injuries substained in battle. They amputated limbs and burned the stumps to seal the blood vessels
  • 300

    People in surgrey

    most people in the middle ages died during surgrey because of blood loss or they couldnt get the blood to clot.
  • Sep 1, 900

    the difference between small pox and measles

    Rhazes played a role in the development of medicine as a science by building on the ideas of Hippocrates.
  • Sep 9, 1300

    Islamic Hospitals;

    health care for the sick, each hospital had separate wards for different illnesses, employed trained nurses, and also maintained stocks of medication.
  • Sep 9, 1300

    Religion and Medicine

    Christian and Muslim teachings encourged the care of those in need.
  • Sep 9, 1400

    The beginning of Medical Care Regulation

    frechwomen Jacoba Felicie was tried for practicing medicine without a license
  • Scientific method

    the use of the scientific method was being created in the 1600 and it came into use in Europe.
  • Relflective Microscope

    Robet Hooke built one of the first reflecting microscopes
  • Printing Press

    The printing press would allowed for the public to know of what the new discoveries
  • Philosophical Movement

    1700's, studies of the human anatomy took place. These investigations, which had been forbidden by the church in the past, help correct many beliefs.
  • Plague Fleas

    Francis Bacon uses microspoces to discover the plague fleas and what was causing everything.
  • Edward Jenner

    Edward Jenner began inoculationg people with the fluid form cowpox blisters, thus beginning the practice of vaccination.
  • Discovery

    the discovery of blood cells, bacteria, protozoa, and stethoscope.
  • Louis Pasteur

    carried out experiments that became the basis for modern microbiology.
  • Joseph Lister

    he was ridiculed for insisting on the use of carbolic soap to disinfect instruments and clean hands before doctors moved to another patient.
  • Robert Koch

    discovered that PATHOGENS, or diseases and proved that lister was correct.
  • Ignaz Semmelweis

    showed that washing you hands was so important because of all the new germs that they were finding out about.
  • John Snow

    he was the one who stopped the outbreak of cholera
  • Alexander Fleming

    He was the founder of penicillin,
  • HMO

    The first HMO was insuranced.
  • Salk

    salk discovers polio vaccine.
  • Managed health care;

    the manage of health care was in growth and in uninsured.
  • Digital Revloution begins

    the digital revolution whoch began around the 1980's also continues into the present.
  • Steve Thomas

    he used sterile maggots for infectious wound treatment.
  • FDA

    the FDA approved the gardasil- a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.
  • Complete set of DNA

    the completion of the Human Genome project identified a complete set of DNA, which allows for new and completely individualized medications and treatments.
  • Human Skin Cells

    The scientists discover how to use human skin cells to creat embryonic stem cells
  • Japanese scientists

    Jaspanese scientists create a form of artifical DNA
  • Period:

    Medical HIstory

  • Period:
    Sep 9, 1500

    Middle Ages

    history know as the middle ages began around CE 500 and lasted until around CE 1500. Science and reason being to replace peoples beliefs in spiritual that cause illnesses.
  • Period:
    Sep 9, 1400


    medical practive went through many changes during the Renaissance, which began during the fourteeth century and lasted until the seventeenth
  • Period: to

    Industrial Revolution

    great changes were cause by the introduction of machines.
  • Period: to

    Modern World

    century saw rapid growth in healthcare.