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history of guatemala fm

  • Jan 1, 1111

    llegada de los indígenas nativos

    llegada de los indígenas nativos
    They might hve come from asia via teh bring straight or from the phillipins with trasatlantic kayacs.
  • Jan 1, 1521

    arrival of the spaniards

    arrival of the spaniards
    Christopher Colombus arrived first, followed by the conquistadores and ended by the bussinesmen.
  • declaration of independence

    declaration of independence
    criollos and peninsulares signed the declaration of indepence from Spain. This is the birth of the country of Guatemala
  • United Provinces

    United Provinces
    Guatemala becomes part of the United Provinces of Central America, which also include
    Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua
  • war!

    Guatemala declares war on the Axis powers
  • Arbenz

    Colonel Jacobo Arbenz Guzman becomes president, continuing Arevalo's reform
  • us intervention

    us intervention
    Land reform stops with the accession to power of Colonel Carlos Castillo in a coup
    backed by the US and prompted by Arbenz's nationalization of plantations of the United Fruit
  • earthquake

    27,000 people are killed and more than a million rendered homeless by earthquake
  • drug war

    drug war
    November - Guatemala's leading anti-drugs investigator is arrested in the US on charges
    of drug trafficking
  • Alvaro Colom

    Alvaro Colom
    November - Alvaro Colom of the center-left National Unity of Hope Party wins presidential
    elections with nearly 53 percent of the vote