History of Georgia

  • Sep 3, 1492

    Columbus made first voyage to the new world

  • Aug 28, 1540

    Hernando De Soto Explores Georgia

    Hernando De Soto deos this so he could become Governer of Georgia; He brought disieases to the natives.
  • Jamestown Established

  • Virginia founded

    Date not exact; Also one of the first colonies founded in the new world, turned into a royal colony on this date.
  • Massachusetts founded

    Date not exact;One of the first (Royal) colonies settled in the new world.
  • Georgia Claimed for england

    Date not exact
  • Fort King George Built

    Used to protect Britain's claimed land
  • War of Jenkins' Ear

    Spain attempts to invade Georgia
  • Georgia Founded; Trustee Period Begins

    James oglethorpe and others founded Georgia with a Charter, and the Trustee period begins in Georgia.
  • Period: to

    Trustee Period

  • Battle of the Bloody Marsh

    One of the main battles in the Spanish Invasion, secured future boundaries between the British and Spanish.
  • Royal period begins in Georgia

    Georgia is handed over to the power of King George, Trustee period ends