Georgia History Timeline 2

  • Jan 1, 1000

    Paleo Culture

    The Paleo Culture existed 12,000 years ago. They moved from placed to place never staying following the animals.
  • Jan 1, 1000


    They eat nuts and berries fish deer and turkey. They return every year to the same spots each season used simple pottry.They use simple poottery spearheads a thinner smaller and more pointed. They also use axes shelter caves or pithoues a room underground.
  • Jan 1, 1000


    They use tools such as bow and arrow to hunt for food.they social begin and to form tribes to live in the areaes. They eat sunflowers squash beans burial montains and religuous people. They love to use their bow and arow to throw far
  • Period: Jan 1, 1000 to


    They were the first group that succeful at living of an agricuture.They evidence of a type of government chiefdom.The first true civilization. The tools the use is a bow and arrow avance pottery statues jewery.
  • Mar 5, 1540

    Hernando de Soto

    That hernando de soto had killed the people that was on the ship. Hernando de soto had killed half of the natives. Some of the natives died over dieases. They provid information to research stuff.
  • mississippian

    They were the first group that succesful at living of an agriculture. they evidence of a type of governent cheifdom. the first true civilation. Tools they uuse bow and arrow advance pottery statues jewelery.
  • Charter of 1732

    Acharter is a legal grants document that grant special rights. issued by king george the charter estabilish georgia between the savannah river and the althamana river. The charter exceed calthoics blach/lawyers and liquar. according to the charter trustees could not pass the law without the king permisson.
  • Charter of1732

    A charter is a relion as comment that grants special rights. Issused by king georgre the charter establish georgia between the savannah river and the althmana river. The charter exectived calthics black/ lawyers and liquar. According to the charter trustress could not pass law without the king permission.
  • Salz burgers arrives in georgia

    The salzburger arrived from austria for religuious reasons. They were being persecuted by the catholics in europe. James oglethorpe provided them with land and they named it ebenezzer. They move because the land was not good and named their new home new ebenezeer.
  • Period: to

    john reynolds

    he was the first royal governor. captain establish a struture for government counit and comman house bossey and he valued his authorithy.reynolds angered the legisluative. members was dissatified with reynolds. he recalled back to england.
  • Period: to

    henry ellis

    He was the second royal governor. he had made a relation with the creek indian.poor healthy forced him out of the offices.he greeted him with enthusian.
  • Period: to

    James wright

    He was the third governor of georgia. during the governor american revolution. james wright got arrested in1776 by patirots and he retured to londan. he came back to savannah when the british captured the city in1779.
  • Period: to

    American REVOLUTION

    The proclamation was aisssued by king george IIfor colnist the settle west of the proclamation line. the intolerable acts four laws enacted by britsh to punish. the american revoiution 4 reasons was thr french and indian war decoration ofindepencr intalable acts and proclamation. the french and indian was 9 years in war between the french andthe britsh.the deartionof indepenceis a stains the reason that theydonist thewar.
  • Ellijah clark the kettle creek

    He led the troops at kettle creek. defeated a group of800 brithshsoliders. end resultt parriots took neeed of weapons and horses and raised of the georgia millita. was a freeborn mulatto.
  • yazoo land fraud

    The yazoo land fraud was one of the most signifcation envent in post revoutionary war 1{1775 83} history of georgia.
    The yazoo land fraud happen as an result of public anger and pressure the legislators involved were boted. The yazoo land fraud invlved was voted out of offices. The yazoo land fraud afected georgia bacause it changed the oringial charter of.
  • missouri comprise

    to help the number of slves the stat equal. line drawn at 36;30 lotal due line show the border between free and slaves states.
    north of the line will be free the line will be slaves.
    missouri equal slaves and equal state.
  • Dahlonega gold rush

    Gold was found in north georgia summer of 1829. benjamin park was said to have discovered gold while deer hunting near dalinega. over 10,000 miners flocked to georgia. single event that sped up removal of the cherokee from georgia.
  • indian removal acts

    stated that all natives existing states could trade land for west of the mississiean river.
    its was not an option to get land or not.
    eventually federal troops were sent to round up all cherokee that refushed to leave.
    he was signed into the law.
  • comprmised of 1850

    california by it own choice would be free state.
    new mexico and utan territory would decide for them get it above the slavery.
    slaves tradind ended in districtriion colmubia and law enforment would ruled runaways slaves to their owners.
    they were pass accepted the comprised of 1850
  • Period: to

    dred scoot case

    dred scottwas a slave from missouri. scott and his owner moved to wisconsin for four years. scotts owners died after returning to missouri. scott sued for his freedom he clamied that he sould be free man since he lived in a free territory w1 for four years.
  • 14th amendment

    it repel the suggestion made of debate nerve in the beat of debate that the commitee or any of its member who four this propostion seek in any formation to mar the consition of the country.
  • 15th amendment

    15th amendment
    the night of citzen of the united states to vote shall not be denied or bridged by the united states . the congress shall have the power to enforce the article by appropriation.
  • mayor allen

    mayor allen
    presented by the defense who are willing to swear that they saw john c austin auerged to have been drowned off manhatt an beach july 4,1891. officer narleess determain the canceled carry premit in the back of the patrol car. he just came the mayor of handshake.
  • great depression

    great depression
    president during the time hebert hover ened when the usended when the us lead inti war.6000street vendors walked the streets of new york. great depression are interstiing to read.
  • pearl habor

    at 7.55 am is hawwii time. it have ave many times.
  • kanas neb act

    kanas neb act
    the breakin ridge party has some appreciation of the inestimabledignity and imprtance. a century of history reprint seriesd.
  • chicamauga

    In late 1863 uion forces moved against the major confederated railroad center in chattanooga tennesses just across the georgia line.
  • mayor haftfield

    mayor haftfield
    1026 above the sea levelof the elvation. they had a lot of passengers go thorough it 2012. the airport had 6 run aways. the airport is a hub airport.
  • sherman march to sea

    sherman took those men and began a campaign toward atlant .atlant was important because of its industies and thats the fact it was a railroad hub.
    but he burned bridges and blocked road as reffeated and slowed shermans advance to about two miles away.
    hortages of ammution was forcrd to retreat southward.
  • holocaust

    in a new book bryan rigs reveals that there were 150000 men of jewish descent who served as soliders. generals and admirals in hitlers army. the term shoah is commonly used for offical remembers.
  • pearl harbor

    1500dead in hawaii congress votes war. pearl harbbor december 71941 a date which will live in infamey may take us to over come . in july 1940 us bbars scape iron steel and oil export to japan.japen looses goog of its oil supply an crippling it miltary and economy.
  • worster vs. georgia

    Suprema court case of samual worcester vs. the state of georgia.
    Worcester white was a missionary territory aginst the laws.
    The cherokee and sam worcester georgia had no right to the cherokee territory.
  • thirteen amenedment

    neither slavery nor involutary servited excepted apunishement for crime wherrof the party shall have been duty convited shall existe withine the united states or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
    songreess shall have power to enforce the articles by appropricated legislaution.
  • ww1

    people were also talking about the opening of sports arena in polton opening of the opening of the bowling green. the vice president by 23 shots there was large turnount of the national column the governmenment budget was not button issue.