Georgia History Timeline 2

  • Jan 1, 1000

    Paleo Culture

    Paleo Culture
    The Paleo Culture existed 12,000 yars ago.They ate mammoths,bison,horses,moose, and elk. They also haunted in packs.They followed thier food.
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Archaic Culture

    Archaic Culture
    The Archaic Culture existed in 8000 BC.They ate nuts, berries,fish, deer,turkey,bear,oyesters,and shellfish. They are seasonal migrations they returned every year to the same spots in season. Thye also used simple pottery.They use spearheads to hunt for thier food.
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Woodland Culture

    Woodland Culture
    The Woodland Culture started after 1000 BC And continued to about AD 800. They developed agriculture or farming. They plant and harvest sunflower, sqaush, gourds, beans, maize, and early types of corn.They built mounds for ceremonies and burial grounds. They traveled in tribes.
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Mississippian Culture

    Mississippian Culture
    The Mississippian Culture existed in 1000 to 1600 AD. They ate beans, sqaush ,and corn.They are located on the Ocumuglee,Savvannh,Chattahooche,and Coosa rivers. They also grow what they eat.They lasted for 600 years traveled along waterways and forest trails. They also worked and cleaned.
  • Mar 5, 1540

    Hernando de Soto

    Hernando de Soto
    Hernando de Soto was a spanich explorer. He came because he was searching for gold.The reason he was searching for gold was because he wanted to destroy the Native population. He also failed to find gold.
  • Charter of 1732

    Charter of 1732
    The papists, catholics, blacks, liquor dealers, and ;awyers coulnt become colonist. Trustees people who hold responsibilty on others. KIng George jr. granted a charter to olgethorpe. Vharters a legal document that grants special rights and previlages.
  • Ga founded by James Oglethorpe

    Ga founded by James Oglethorpe
    James was an English man who cared for people in trouble.Wanted to help them. Was very educated and wea;thy. Had a friend name Robert castill . He went to jail because he could not pay his debt.
  • Salzburgers Arrive In Georgia

    Salzburgers Arrive In Georgia
    They were hard workers and developed new Georgia first. Salzburger that is where they came from. They moved to Ebenezer. Then they left because disaeses.
  • Highland Scotts Arrive In Georgia

    Highland Scotts Arrive In Georgia
    They were the first groups. Also they were the defensive colonization. Came to Darrien . So they could fight there battle.
  • Period: to

    John Reynolds

    when Reynolds was 15 years old he volun teered for service in the british navy. His carrer was slwly and steadly . He was not a good governor . Arrived in savannah on October 29,1754. He refused to share his official instructions which outlined the new royal government in Georgia . His militia efforts proved less than sucessful.
  • Period: to

    Henrey Ellis

    Was the second fonder of georgia under the leadershp of ellis . Poor health forced Ellis to leave Goergia in November 1760. In 1758 he sponsered legislation that divided the province into 8 parishes . Each with dela gates to assembly. From 1750 until 1755 he carried cargoes of slves from Africa to jamacia.
  • Period: to

    James wright

    Was th last governor . Wright was popular and able adminster and servant of the crown . Played a key role in retarding the flame of revolution in Georgia long after it had flared violently in evry otheer colony . Born in England on May 8, 1716. Came to South Carolina in 1730. Never doubted his dutty to enforce the 1765 stamp act .
  • Period: to

    Austin Dabney

    Was descibed as a passed off slave.Became a private militia and fought against the british during the REvoluntionary War .Was born in a county called Wake County,North Carolina in the 1760s.
  • Period: to

    American Revolution

    Ther were four reasons for the American Revolution. The French and Indian war between the French and British . The proclamation of 1763 was issused by King George II forbidding colonists to settle west of proclamation line . Intolerable Acts were four laws enacted by Britain to punish the colonist for the Boston Tea Party . The Declaration of Independence was a document stating the reasons that the colonists were upset with the English
  • Elijah Clarke and Battle of Kettle Creek

    Elijah Clarke and Battle of Kettle Creek
    Led the troops at Kettle Creek, Deafeated a group of 800 Briish soldires end result . Patriots took needed weapons and horses, and rasised the spirits of GA militia . Elijah had a county named oafter him called Clarke County.
  • Articles of Confederation ratified by all thirteen States

    Articles of Confederation ratified by all thirteen States
    The state government to much power . National government could not levy or demamd taxes,enforce laws or control trade . No executive branch (president) no judicail branch (no court to settle disputes).
  • students of UGA

    Students at UGA were at a college about agriculuture and enviroment. Students or children have learned more academics programs there are all kinds of progams.
  • University Of Georgia

    University Of Georgia
    Was the first state supported. The University Of Ga. was called the Public University, in the u.S. Brought the economy and wealth to the area. Athens Ga, center of intellctual learning in Ga.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    Evented By Eli Whitney in April 1793. Was a marchine that seperated cotton seeds fro the fiber . Before 100's of hours seperatinmg cotton with small gains could produce 50 lbs daily of clean cotton.
  • Yazoo Land Fraud

    Yazoo Land Fraud
    Was extended west to the Mississippi River and the Yazoo River . also govener of Ga. . Legistlayure were bribed by a private land companis to sell governor land . The citizens were upset and voted them out of office
  • Capital Moved from augusta to Lousiville

    Capital Moved from augusta to Lousiville
    Was a capital from 1796. Also was named in honor of King Loius xv1 of France king Louis. Moved to the capatain a location geographically and population.
  • Dahlonega Gold Rush

    Dahlonega Gold Rush
    Gold was found in North Ga.,summer of 1829. Benjamin Parks was said to have discovered gold. While deer hunting in Dahlonega.
  • Indian Removal Act

    Signed May 28,1830 By Persident Jackson . Thsi acxt removed indians from the US. lands fot land west of the mississppi River . Resulted in the TRail of Tears.
  • Comp. Of 1850

    Comp. Of 1850
    Californina wanted to be a free state also they upset the balance. South govt . Utah and Mexico decided ont hier own . They had a figuative slave law . North govt CAlifornia was a state slavery ened in d.c.
  • Missouri Comp.

    Missouri Comp.
    They wanted to keep a balance of slave states free stares equal (11 slave and 11 freed). There were 2 states there enetered main which was slave only lasted for 30 years.
  • Fugiave Slave LAw

    Fugiave Slave LAw
    Was passed by the United States Congress on September 18,1850. Was part of the Compromise of 1850 , BY 1843 several hundred slaves a year were sucessfully escaping to the North.
  • Jim crow Laws

    Jim crow Laws
    Where racial segregatio laws enacted between the 1876 and 1965 in the United States at the local levels. Some segration was public schools and public places ,public transporttation , restrroms , resturants drinking fountains for all whites and blacks
  • constitutional convection of 1887

    constitutional convection of 1887
    Constitutional Convection of 1887 was a meeting of all the states in philadephia to discuss changes thst needed to be madeto the articles of confederation . Representatives from each state were there and took part in writing the
  • Period: to

    Mayor Hartsfield

    Served as a mayor for Atlanta for an astonishing six terms (1937-1941and (1942-1961) . Was wideley aknowledged for his leadership in making atl. an aviation hub of the Southeast.
  • Period: to


    Known as the first world war. Was a global war. Drew the worlds economic problems.This war was centered in Europe.World War aka the great War.
  • black tuesday

    black tuesday
    IS the most stock crash in the history of united States.was when the pricew of stocks completely collaasped.
  • Holocaust

    Was the name given to the systematic extermination (killing of 6 million jews. in 1986,the ga.commision on the holocaust was establishing to take lessons from the history of the holocaust and use then to help lead.Was for Jews.
  • Period: to

    Maynard Jackson

    Was a American Politition,member of the democratic party,first african american mayor in atlanta goeriga sered3 terms. orn in Dalllas ,Texas
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japanese attacked on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7 1941 around 8:00 am and it was over by 10 am . The damage to the navys pacific feet was incredibly all eight battleships in port were destroyed or serverly damaged.
  • FDR dies Warm Springs

    FDR dies Warm Springs
    The day that Franklin Roosevelt died in Warm Springs.Suffred from a stroke.Was elected President of the United States four times ,servered for over 12 years.
  • Albany Movement

    Albany  Movement
    Mobilized thousands of citizen . Attracted nation wide attention,but failed to accomplish its goals. Was credited as a key le3sson in strategy. Was led by William G. Anderson
  • March On Washington

    March On Washington
    Thsi took place in Washington d.c. Was the largest demostaration ever seen in the nations capital. One reason was for the human rights in Untied States history. MArther Luther King was also there .He gave his histroy speech I Have A Dream.This March was organized by a group of civil rights,labor ,and religious organizations.The march is credited with the Civil Rights Act.
  • Period: to

    president jimmy carter

    Was born on October 1,1924, is an american politician. Severed as the 39 th president of the United states . Was awarded with the 2002 Noble Peace prize.before he became a preident he was a U.S. Naval officer.
  • 1996 Summer Games

    1996 Summer Games
    Known as officially as the games of the xxvi olympiaid and unofficially as the centeneical olympics were first to be staged in a different year from winter games
  • First African American

    First African American
    The first African American was Henrey Flpper. At the age of 21 he became the first black to gradutae from the United States Military Acedemy at westpoint.was born into slavery in Thomasville Ga . on March 21,1856. his education began when he ws eight years old.
  • 1956 State Flag

    1956 State Flag
    Signed legistlation creatin a new state flag fo5r ga. The new banner became effective. Giving ga. as the third state flag in only 27 months in record.
  • Worcester Vs. Georgia

    Worcester Vs. Georgia
    Supreme Court caes of Sammuel worcester the state of GA. Sam refused to sign . All missionarrie were jailed and sentence to a 4 uyear labor . Filed suit with the supreme court.
  • Dred Scott

    Dred Scott
    Dred Scott was a slave . His owner moved to a free state and Dred Scott wanted to be an freed slave.Was African American. Scott was born in 1795 he died in 1885.The owneers said that he couldnt be a free slave The court ruled against him. The North was outraged and slavery was spreading. The South was happy and slavery spreaded also.
  • 14 th Ammendment

    14 th Ammendment
    This ammendment gave black the full citizenship and eequal treatment.
  • 15 Ammendment

    15 Ammendment
    This ammendment gave blacks the right to vote.
  • Kansas Nebraska act

    Kansas Nebraska act
    Stephen douglass purposed the act. Both the South and North have to choose for themselves (slavery) popular soverieghty they gave Kansas a nickname it was called the Bleeding Kansas.
  • Chickamauga

    Chickamauga was to controll railroads . Have to commanders a confedrate and unioon. Braxton bragg was a confedrateand Ulysesses Frant was the union commander. Grant arrived with more troops and recaptured Chattoonaga forcing Bragg to retreat to South.
  • Shermans March To the Sea

    Shermans March To the Sea
    Sherman went from atlanta to Savannah . Wanted to demonstrate that the South had lost . Sherman endee the war in Georgia.
  • 13th Ammendment

    13th Ammendment
    This ammendment freed slaves and banned slavery.
  • Sibley Commission

    Sibley Commission
    This commiteee was charged with gathering states . Residents Sentiments regarding desegation and reporting back to governor . thsi commitee was a brainchild of Griffin Bell , vandievers cheif of staff.
  • Trail Of Tears

    Trail Of Tears
    Many of the Cherokee Indians deied from desieases , stravation and exposure to the cold on the journey.The Vherokee term fot the trail is the Trail Of Tears.Its the trail while they cried . Genersl used federal troops (7000) to round up more than 16000 cherokee.