the colony of Georgia

By rbeach
  • Charter granted

    Charter granted
    King George II granted the charter allowing James Oglethorpe to go to Georgia and start a colony
  • Starting the colony

    Starting the colony
    James Oglethorpe took a ship to Georgia with 100 settlers. they were heading to go start the colony which they did making it the 13th colony. originally made for people in debt.
  • Spanish presence

    Spanish presence
    The colonists were scared that Georgia might try to force them out of there. They were scared of that cause Georgia was right next to the Spanish land.
  • Slavery

    Slavery was made legal for anyone in the colony which made it so Georgia had some of the biggest plantations in the colony's
  • royal colony

    royal colony
    John Reynolds was appointed to be the first royal governor of Georgia making it a royal colony.
  • the people

    the people
    The people of Georgia unlike everywhere else they did not really care about the British rule they were fine with it
  • The declaration sighing

    The declaration sighing
    Three Georgians sighed the declaration
    Button Gwinnett Lyman hall George Walton
  • Constitution

    Two Georgians Abraham Baldwin and William few Jr sighed the new us constitution at a constitutional convention in Philadelphia becoming the fourth sate to enter the union.
  • military

    The most serious military confrontation between the British and american troops with help from french forces unsuccessfully tried to liberate the city from its year long occupation from Britain
  • Capitals

    The capital moved from Savannah to Augusta (Georgia's second oldest city)
  • start of black belt

    start of black belt
    with Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin during a visit to the plantation of Catherine Greene, That invention quickly led to the development of the Black Belt region, a wide geographical swath with a pronounced concentration of slaves and cotton cultivation. This belt spread from South Carolina through Alabama, Mississippi,
  • gold rush

    gold rush
    The old rush started in the north Georgia mountains in the 1830's which this was one of the most profitable gold rushes east of the Mississippi
  • women's college

    women's college
    Wesleyan college in Macon is the first college to grant degrees to women in the whole world
  • Atlanta

    Atlanta originally named terminus, was founded in 1837 as the end of the rail systems line and grew into one of the Souths principal cities
  • Civil War start

    Civil War start
    The civil war started and many people from the state had to decide what side they were on. there were many problems cause from the war
  • during the war

    during the war
    Lots of land taken for fighting supplies scare people had a really hard life during the war, to try and survive was one of the hardest parts. Some Georgians decided to go with confederates others went with the union.
  • The war ended

    The war ended
    They beat the confederates and canceled slavery everywhere in the us. Many died, after having many battles in Georgia it took some time for them to fix the area but the did it.
  • coca cola

    coca cola
    Georgia had the first place to sell coke. It was at a small pharmacy in Atlanta named Jacobs pharmacy
  • Hurricane

    A hurricane struck the coast that put 30,000 people homeless and killed 2,000
  • public hangings banned

    public hangings banned
    The state of Georgia and a few others banned public hangings and violators would be arrested or put on death penalty
  • tornados

    a bad tornado hit the city of Gainesville causing 106 people to die and a lot others to get injured
  • bad fire

    bad fire
    There was a massive fire in downtown Augusta the fire burned 32 city blocks, 600 homes, 6 blocks of businesses and left 3000 homeless
  • flu outbreak

    flu outbreak
    A large outbreak of the Spanish flu spread throughout Georgia which infected many and also killed many
  • Bombing

    There was a bad bombing in a Jewish temple in central Atlanta a couple killed and many injured
  • no more segregated seating

    no more segregated seating
    Segregated seating was ended in Georgia because it was rule unconstitutional on Atlanta city buses
  • civil rights movements

    civil rights movements
    200 students stage sit ins in Atlanta martin Luther king Jr and others arrested in Atlanta for it
  • Georgians NFL franchise

    Georgians NFL franchise
    Atlanta is awarded there franchise by the NFL allowing them to start a team
  • Georgian elected president

    Georgian elected president
    Jimmy carter was elected us president thus being the first person to be president in Georgia
  • another bombing

    another bombing
    The Olympic games were being held in Georgia at continental Olympic park 1 killed over 100 were injured
  • MLK's wife

    MLK's wife
    Martin Luther King Jr's wife passed away at the age of 78 because she had a heart attack and a stroke in 2005.