Georgia road map

Checkpoint 1

By 1jbryan
  • Period: 15,000 BCE to 7000 BCE


    The Paleo were Native Americans that moved away from Asia to the New World. A reason that they came to the New World was, because of the animals that the continent offered. The weapons they used to hunt their prey were, spears and stone materials.
  • Period: 8000 BCE to 2000 BCE


    The Archaic tracked down many animals in Georgia. They lived in the period after the Ice Age. Their residence was in miniature houses. Like the Paleo, they used stone tools for weapons.
  • Period: 1000 BCE to Oct 20, 900


    The Woodland people were farmers that traded with many people, who had different beliefs. They built structures that could last a long time. An example of a weapon that the Woodland people used is, a bow and arrow. This period was when Indians first started to bury the dead.
  • Period: Oct 20, 800 to


    The Mississippian time period was the introduction of a highly advanced civilization. The Mississippians produced part of their food by growing it. They consumed many animals and vegetation as another way of obtaining food. The Mississippian people invented wooden stockades.
  • Mar 3, 1540

    Hernando de Soto

    Hernando de Soto was the first person from Europe to come to the state of Georgia. He came to the state twice during his career. He reached Georgia's southern border on March 3, 1540.
  • Charter of 1732

    The Charter of 1732 was proposed to King George by James Oglethorpe. The Charter would let the poor begin a new way of life in a new land. The Charter was proposed by Oglethorpe on April 21, 1732, and the Charter was approved by the King on June 7, 1732.
  • Georgia Founded

    James Oglethorpe was the founder of the state of Georgia. He and his men arrived in, and established the state in November of the year 1732.
  • Salzburgers Arrive

    The Salzburgers was a German congregation that founded Ebenezer, a colonial city. They arrived at Georgia in 1734.
  • Highland Scots Arrive

    This group of people were Scottish immigrants from their native land. They arrived in Georgia during the year 1736, and while there they formed a city, and called it Darien. They battled the Spanish many times with the help of the Americans.
  • Period: to

    John Reynolds

    John Reynolds was Georgia's first governor from May 1, 1754 to February 16, 1757. He was also a British captain.
  • Period: to

    Henry Ellis

    Henry Ellis replaced John Reynolds as governor of Georgia. Ellis was more smarter than Reynolds, and he was more skilled in politics than Reynolds was.
  • Period: to

    James Wright

    James Wright was the last of Georgia's governors that arrived from Britain. He became governor after Henry Ellis, who stepped down because of health problems. The British stopped sending governors to the state on July 11, 1782.
  • Period: to

    American Revolution

    Many of Georgia's citizens did not want to go to war with Great Britain, but eventually the state did cooperate and joined the American Revolution. There were many battles in Georgia such as: The Battle of the Rice Boats, The Battle of Kettle Creek, and The Siege of Savannah.
  • Constitutional Convention

    On October 1, 1776, Georgia accepted it's new Constitution. This constitution can also be called the Constitution of 1777. This was also when Georgia's very first constitutional convention was held.
  • Elijah Clarke/Kettle Creek

    Elijah Clarke was a officer during the Revolutionary War. He fought in The Battle of Kettle Creek, which was in Georgia. The Battle of Kettle Creek occurred on February 14, 1779. The Americans won The Battle of Kettle Creek, but the British lost the battle.
  • Austin Dabney

    Austin Dabney was an African-American soldier that served in the Revolutionary War. He also fought in The Battle of Kettle Creek. He was supposedly the only African-American that fought in the battle. While the battle was happening, Austin Dabney was hurt, but Giles Harris saved him. After his recovery, he served Harris and his family until his death.
  • Georgia Ratifies Constitution

    The state of Georgia was the fourth to approve the United State's Constitution. This event happened on January 2, 1788. Many delegates signed the Constitution, and of the many delegates two of them were from Georgia(William Few and Abraham Baldwin).