History of Georgia Timeline

  • Jan 1, 1000


    The Paleo lived 12,000 years ago. They used spears to kill large animals. They ate mmammoths,bison,ground sloth, and the saber tooth tiger. The Paleo Indians are the earliest known inhabitants of North America.
  • Jan 1, 1000


    The Arcahic Indians live in 8000BC - 1000BC. They gathered and hunted. They gathered berries and nuts. They hunted fish , deer , turkey , and bear. Scientist believe that they were the first culture of Georgia.
  • Jan 1, 1000


    The Woodland Indians lived in 1000 BC - 1000 AD. They grew crops. Woodland Indians used bow and arrows as weapons. They hunted things such as deer.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1000 to


    The Mississipian Indians lived in 1000 AD - 1600 AD. They grew crops and beans. They made axes as weapons. They hunted and fished and gathered berries and nuts.
  • Charter of 1732 issued by king George the 2

    Charter of 1732 issued by king George the 2
    A legal document that grants special rights and privlages is a charter. The charter of 1732 granted James oglethorpe and the trustees an land between the savannah and Altamaha Rivers extending west to the Pacific Ocean. The charter did not allow certain people. They only allowed certain people to have authority.
  • Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe

    Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe
    on November 17, 1732 the ship Anne left for the New World, with 130 passengers. On febuary 12, 1732 James Oglethorpe landed at the Yamacraw Bluff. Mary Musgrove interpreted the English words to Tomochichi, cheif of yamacraw.
  • The Salzburgers Arrive

    The Salzburgers Arrive
    Salzburgers from Austria arrived looking for freedom. They were persecuted by catholics and Oglethorpe gave them land on the savannah river. Named the town Ebenezer, but soon moved for better soil. Settled in a place they call New Ebenezer.
  • Highland Scotts Arrive

    Highland Scotts Arrive
    James Oglethorpe recruted the Highland scotts. He recuted them because they are ruthless , and not scared of the Spanish. They settled near the Altamaha river. They protected the boundries of the colonies.
  • Period: to

    John Reynolds

    First royal governor. He structered the goverment court system.He was a weak governor.Also resisted challenges to authority.
  • Period: to

    Henry Ellis

    He was the seconde founder of georgia.He developed self-goverment. Poor health forced him out.First to perment slavery.Served a term from 1757-1760
  • Period: to

    James Wright

    Third royal governor. Encoraged frontier settlementl.Served a term from 1760-1782.Enforced the stamp act in georgia.Served a term from 1774-1757
  • Period: to

    American Revolution

    There were four reasons for the American Revolution. The french and indian war.The French were allies with the indians . More taxes on the colonist.Quartering act. Fighting started even before it was approved.
  • Articles of Confederation ratified by all 13 states

    Articles of Confederation ratified by all 13 states
    Congress could declare war. They could sign treaties, make laws,deliver mail, make money(print).Each state had one vote regaurdless of size or population.In 1787 all the states finally agreed.
  • Invention of the Cotton Gin

    Invention of the Cotton Gin
    The cotton gin is a machine that could seperate cotton from the seed very quickly. Before hundreds of man hours to clean cotton. After the invention of the cotton gin bulbs of cleans cotton daily. Demabd doubled every decade. With production increasing georgia began to rely heavily on slave labor.
  • The invention of the Cotton Gin

    The invention of the Cotton Gin
    The Cotton Gin is a machine that could seperate cotton from seed very quickly. Before hundreds of man hours to clean cotton. After the invention of the cotton gin, 50lbs of clean cotton daily. Demand doubled every decade.With production increasing Gerogia began to rely heavily on slave labor.
  • Yazoo Land Fraud

    Yazoo Land Fraud
    When native Americans surrendered their rights. The land goverment could give the land to the citizens. As the state grew,the counties took over the job in their district.The most widley know land fraud in the U.S history was the Yazoo Land Fraud.The companies would make money by selling land in smaller portions to individuals.
  • Capital move to Louisville

    Capital move to Louisville
    King Louis xvI of France.War ally. Savannah and Agusta served as the first two capitals. Were moving to a more central location geographically and population wise.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    To maintaiin balance blacks/white, slaves/free. Missouri admitted as slave state. Maine admitted as a free state. 36'30 Line= border between free and slave south to slave . north is free.
  • The Dahlonega Gold Rush

    The Dahlonega Gold Rush
    Gold was discovered in Dahlonega,in the summer of 1829. The effects on cherokee,it declared cherokee laws null and void. They couldnt speak against white men in court. A seconde law passed on december 19,1829. Refused cherokee any rights to gold mined in the Dahlonega area.The Cherokee were losing their homes, lands, and legal rights.People could be violeny towards the cherokee . Land was under state control.
  • Worcester v. Georgia

    Worcester v. Georgia
    Supreme court case of Worcester v. georgia (the state of georgia). Law in Georgia: Missionaries could only live in cherokee territory if they signed allengiance to the governor. Samuel Worcester and ten other miossionaries refused to sign. All 77 missionaries were jailed and sentenced to 4 yrs. prison filed a suit with the supreme court. President Jackson cheif of Justice, John Marshall rules that georgia does not have any power to arrest and convict the missionaries and the law is void.
  • Trail of tears

    Trail of tears
    Term used for the forced removal of the Cherokee indians from georgia.General Scott used Federal Troops (7,000) to round up more than 16,000 Cherokee. Many of the Cherokee died from disease, starvation, and exposure to the cold on their journey. Cherokee Term : " The Trail Where They Cried".
  • Kansas Nebraska Act

    Kansas Nebraska Act
    Kansas Nebraska act led up to something called the bleeding kansas. Because, Stephen A. Douglas - Abraham Lincolns opponent in the debat wanted to allow slavery. This shows the relationship in the north ad south.it was supposed to be about farm territories.
  • Gettysburg

  • Period: to

    Jim Crow Laws

    Jim crow laws is about give African americans the Citizens right to vote. The 13th Admendment states that African Americans are citizens. The 14th Admendment states that African americans have the same rights. The 15th Admendment states that African Americans have the right to vote. Therefore, Jim Crow Laws state CITIZENS RIGHT VOTE
  • Leo Frank Case

    Leo Frank Case
  • Rebecca L. Felton

    Rebecca L. Felton
    Died at the age of 94. She was a writer and a tieless campaigner for womens rights and progressive era.First women in the U.S. Senate.
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    The stock market crash.Being known for the roaring twenties.Part of the Great Depression.Real estate is what caused Blacked Tuesday.
  • Roosevelt's New Deal

    Roosevelt's New Deal
    The new deal was a series of domestic programs.The programs were in response to the Great Depression and focused on what historians called the 3Rs. ( Releif,Recovery, Reform).The new deal produced a political realignment.
  • FDR elected

    FDR elected
    Elected november 1932. By March there were 13,000,000 unemployed an every bank was closed. Proposed recovery to business and agricultural, releif to the ones in need, and reform.
  • Pearl Harbor attacked

    Pearl Harbor attacked
    The attack happened just before 8:00 am.Hundreds of japanese piolits had attack the naval base at Pearl Harbor.It didnt last long but it did kill more than a thousand soldiers and wounded at least 1000 were hurt in terrible conditions. They declared war on Japan. Germany and italy aslo declared war on the u.s. and that how america got involed in world war ll.
  • FDR dies in warm springs

    FDR dies in warm springs
    Died of cerepal hemorrhage in his home at warm springs.Only man to be elected for 4 terms. Remembered for his New Deal
  • 1956 State Flag

    1956 State Flag
    In 1956, Georgia's state flag was changed to incorporate the st Andrews cross, a confederate battle emblem. The new flag was introduced shortly after the 2001 legislature session got under way. It passed the house on January 24, 2001. The senate on january 30.
  • Period: to

    1996 Summer Games

    Known as the " Games of the xxvi Olypiad".The Summer Olympics is a major event for most people. Firt to be staged in a different year than the winter games.
  • Holocaust

    The holocaust is about people killed over prejudice people. There was a moment where over a million jews were killed. Other people with a undesired look was also killed. They got put in concentration camps and lived in the worst of the worst conditions.
  • Andersonville

    Andersonville is known for prisoner of war camp. Many people died from diarrhea. They was no clean drinking water. The shoes they had to were gave them blisters. The prisoners came up with codes just to be able to talk with one another. the code was sweeping noises.They would dream about food for days and months at a time. The perisoners say people not getting the right medical treatment, and dieing riight in their faces. Many of them just gave up and lost all hope.
  • Mayor Allen

    Mayor Allen
    Ivan Allen jr. was the mayor of atlanta. He was an american business man who served 2 terms. He wanted a new south by working on the segregated and finacial problems in the south.
  • Mayor Hartsfeild

    Mayor Hartsfeild
    Hartsfeild is the man for creating airports. He was a american Politician who served as the 49th and 51st mayor of atlanta.
    He went from 1937-1941 then to 1942-1962.