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History of England

  • 500 BCE

    Religion and invasion

    Religion and invasion
    The romans abandoned Britain and before Britain was invaded by Anglos, Saxons,Jutos, all of origen germanic.
    People in Ireland and Wales adopted Christianity
  • 100 BCE

    Foundation of London

    Foundation of London
    This City was founded by Romans, your first name was Londinium, London was inhabited in prehistoric times.
  • 60 BCE

    The first province of Britain and important Kings

    The first province of Britain and important Kings
    The pronvince is created,
    Sixth Julio Frontier was sent to govern the Roman province of Britannia in 74 to replace Fifth Petilio Cerial. Frontier retired from the province in 78 and was appointed water commissioner (curator aquarum) of Rome upon his return to the city.
  • 44 BCE

    Roman conquest of Britain

    Roman conquest of Britain
    This conquest was a military and political effort, it was neccesary for show the Roman power, they invaden the southern region.
  • 1215

    The magna carta

    The magna carta
    The Magna Carta laid the foundations of the British parliamentary system.
    The Welsh came under English rule in 1382.
  • Oct 19, 1453

    The Hundred Years' War

    The Hundred Years' War
    The rivalry between the kingdoms of France and England, because they wanted to know who would control of the additional land of the English Monarchs, this war had a duration of hundred and sixteen years, this war started on May 24, 1337
  • Aug 22, 1487

    The war of the two roses

    The war of the two roses
    This was a civil war, where two families decided about the throne of England, this families had the named of Lancaster and York, since they were descendants of King Edward III.
  • 1547

    The modern British state

    The modern British state
    This was the period Tudor, Henry VIII break with Rome and He created to the Anglican church, Elizabeth I imposed her rule on Ulste.
    The invasion of Ireland by the Tudors gave rise to centuries of political and religious conflict.
  • Treaty of Utrecht

    Treaty of Utrecht
    In 1707 the parliaments of Scotland and England were unified and the United Kingdom of Great Britain was created, all this because of the treaty of Utrecht
  • Industrial revolution

    Industrial revolution
    The revolution started with a process of transformation in the economic, social and technological economic, social and technological, later extended to Western Europe and Anglo-Saxon America.
  • Tory and Whigs / Created the Unided Kingdom / Agricultural revolution

    Tory and Whigs / Created the Unided Kingdom / Agricultural revolution
    In this year was created the parties conservative and liberal, the old name of each is Tory and Whigs.
    The foundations of economic liberalism were developed in those years by Adam Smith. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was created, with the dissolution of the Irish Parliament The Agricultural revolution showed new techniques at work.
  • New territories

    New territories
    The United Kingdom gained new territories from its wars with France, particularly from its triumph over Napoleon at Waterloo.
  • First socialist movements

    First socialist movements
    The unions obtained the legalization Unions obtained legalization and labor laws were passed
  • The Boer war

    The Boer war
    In this war had for control of South Africa, the most expensive local war
  • First world war

    First world war
    This war began when there was a fight between the industrial powers, these are central countries and allied states, it finish in the year 1918
  • The right to vote for women

    The right to vote for women
    It was considered an election law reform in the UK
    Only womens of the age of over 30 years could vote
  • Independence of Ireland

    Independence of Ireland
    The UK accessed to the independence of Ireland, but six counties remained under British rule.
  • Participation in the second world war

    Participation in the second world war
    England declared war to German
  • Germany signed her surrender.

     Germany signed her surrender.
    In 1945 Germany aigned her surrender, the winners are England, the United States and the Soviet Union
  • Harold Wilson

    Harold Wilson
    He was of the labour and he won the election, but his gouverment had some problems as the independence of Rhodesia
  • They had a failed application to join the European Community

    They had a failed application to join the European Community
    In this year UK had problems with the economic and with the unemployment .
  • Referendum

    The majority of British people voted in favour of the CEE, in march the citizens of ireland voted for remain in the UK.
  • Winter of discontent

    Winter of discontent
    This was named as winter of discontent, because in this year there were lot strikes of workers also the conservative party won the election.
  • Margaret Thatcher

    Margaret Thatcher
    She was chosed for consecutive third time, Her policy guidelines did not change in any way.
  • Political relations

    Political relations
    They resumed diplomatic relations to discuss the Falklands
  • Peace talks

    Peace talks
    The conservative party had problems about different problems affecting to three million people for example:
    -Electoral setbacks
    -Economic problems
    -High unemployment
    After of this situation London signed a declaration with Dublin, the declaration was about North Irland that opened peace talks
  • Shocking defeat for the Tories

    Shocking defeat for the Tories
    Successive partial Labour victories in 1996 heralded national victory in the May 1997 election, which saw Tony Blair take office as prime minister.
  • Good friday

    Good friday
    Northern Ireland would have a directly elected legislature, as would Wales and Scotland.
    There was a nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize , the nominees are
    - David Trimble
    - John Hume
  • The province is back in the hands of London

    The province is back in the hands of London
    The unionist and nationalist parties in Northern Ireland became involved in joint government tasks
  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease / Attacks on Washington and New York

    Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease /  Attacks on Washington and New York
    To combat an outbreak of FMD, 3,915,000 cattle were slaughtered
    Britain strongly supported the "war on terror" launched by the United States.
  • Iraq was a threat to global stability

    Iraq was a threat to global stability
    In January 2003 Blair said a terrorist attack on British soil was "inevitable" and claimed to have evidence linking Saddam Hussein and the al-Qaida network.
  • Butler report

    Butler report
    Lord Butler of Brockwell said that London made decisions with limited intelligence, he also said that the real problems were based on Blair's decisions, he took responsibility
  • Gordon Brown

    Gordon Brown
    The replacement of Blair after his stint as prime minister.
    He created a government with new priorities