History of Congress

  • Congress Created

    On this day Congress was created.
  • Period: to

    History of Congress

  • Congress Doubled

    The liberty of Conress declared that it was to be doubled.
  • Henry Clay

    Henry Clay was elected speaker of the house.
  • War

    Congress elected to go to war for the first time.
  • British Invade

    The British invaded the U.S. and burned down the capitol building.
  • Capitol Rebuilt

    The reconstruction of the Capitol building was finished.
  • Missouri Compromise

    The Congress agreed to their first compromise.
  • John Quincy Adams

    John Quincy Adams became the first president to go back to Congress after serving his term.
  • California

    California was created as a state and it was in question wether it would be a free or slave state.
  • Post Offices

    25,000 post offices were now in use.
  • Clay and Webster

    Clay and Webster died this year.
  • Civil War

    Civil War finally came to the United States.
  • Dome

    The Capitol Dome was finally completed.