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History Major Task Australian Goverment

  • Captain Cook

    Captain Cook
    Captain James Cook lands in an island called Botany Bay, Australia. Captain Cook and his crew map Australia, they sketch animals and plants and have meetings with the Aboriginals.
  • The First Fleet

    The First Fleet
    The First Fleet was lead by Captain Arthur Phillip, the ship lands in Sydney Cove. The First Fleet included 11 ships which carried about 584 male convicts and about 118 convict women. The ship also carried 17 children and 227 marines and soldiers.
  • The Lady Juliana

    The Lady Juliana
    The Lady Juliana is a ship of lots of female convicts that arrives at the colony bringing supplies which mostly male convicts welcome.
  • Tasmania

    A new colony Van Diemen's land (is now known as Tasmania) is set for the worst criminals.
  • Macquarie

    A man called Lachlan Macquarie establishes the colonies first official police force.
  • Edmund Barton

    Edmund Barton
    On the 18th of January 1849 Edmund Barton became the first Australian Prime minster.
  • 1850

    Australia’s first parliamentary election was held for the New South Wales Legislative Council in 1850.
  • 1850

    Australia’s first parliamentary election was held for the New South Wales Legislative Council.

    Gold can be found near Bathurst in NSW. The first gold rush commences.
  • Sir Henry Parkes

    Sir Henry Parkes
    A man named Sir Henry Parkes Was elected to the New South Wales legislative council in the year 1854.
  • 1885 & 1886

    1885 & 1886
    The first practical step towards the federation was the creation of the federal (group people who advise or govern) of Australasia in the year 1885.
  • 1890

    On the 6th of February 1890 important people from each of the parliaments as well as the New Zealand parliament crossed paths at the Australasian Federation Conference in Melbourne.
  • Federation Conference

    Federation Conference
    On the 1st of August 1893 Dr Quick moved that the Australian people should vote. This took place at the Federation League Rally in Corowa.
  • Alfred Deakin

    Alfred Deakin
    When Edmund Barton resigned to become a judge of the High Court, Afred Deakin became the 2nd Prime Minister.
  • Chris Watson

    Chris Watson
    Chris Watson became the 3rd Prime minister on the 27th of April, 1904.
  • George Reid

    George Reid
    George Reid became the 4th Prime Minister in three years.
  • Andrew Fisher

    Andrew Fisher
    Andrew Fisher won and was elected to become the 5th Prime Minister.
  • Joseph Cook

    Joseph Cook
    Joeseph Cook became the 6th Prime Minister after a close election result. He held a majority of only a single one in The House Of Representives.
  • William Morris "Billy" Hughes

    William Morris "Billy" Hughes
    William Morirs became the 7th Prime Minister on the 27th of October 1916.
  • Stanley Melbourne Bruce

    Stanley Melbourne Bruce
    Stanley Bruce sworn as a Prime Minister after the Nationalist Party displaced WM Hughes as leader.
  • James Scullin

    James Scullin
    James Scullin had won the election and is now the Prime Minister.
  • Joseph Lyons

    Joseph Lyons
    Joseph Lyons had won and became the Prime Minister on the 6th of January
  • Earle Page

    Earle Page
    Earle Page became the eleventh Prime Minister following the death of the recent Prime Minister Joseph Lyons. His term lasted nineteen days.
  • Robert Menzies

    Robert Menzies
    Robert Menzies became Australia's 12th Prime Minister.
  • Arthur Fadden

    Arthur Fadden
    Arthur Fadden succeeded Robert Menzies as Prime Minister of Australia.
  • John Curtin

    John Curtin
    John Curtin became the 14th Prime Minister of Australia.
  • Francis "Frank" Forde

    Francis "Frank" Forde
    On the death of John Curtin, Francis Forde won the election and became the 15th Prime Minister.
  • Ben Chifley

    Ben Chifley
    Ben Chifley had won the election on the 13th of July 1945 and became Prime Minister.
  • Harold Holt

    Harold Holt
    Harold Holt became Prime Minister and had sworn in.
  • John McEwen

    John McEwen became Prime Minister two days after Harold Holt disappeared.
  • John Gorton

    After the Liberal Party elected the Senator John Gorton as the new Party leader, he was sworn in as Prime Minister.
  • William McMahon

    William McMahon
    William McMahon was voted in as Prime Minister and became the 20th Prime Minister.
  • Gough Whitlam

    Gough Whitlam
    Labor was elected to government for the first time in 23 years. Gough Whitlam was voted to become the 21st Prime Minister.
  • Malcolm Fraser

    Malcolm Fraser
    Malcolm Fraser was voted and elected to become Australia's 22nd Prime Minister.
  • Robert "Bob" Hawke

    Robert "Bob" Hawke
    Robert Hawke had sworn in and be became the 23rd Prime Minister.
  • Paul Keating

    Paul Keating
    Paul Keating became the 24th Prime Minister on the 20th of December.
  • John Howard

    John Howard
    John Howard was voted to become the 25th Prime Minister and won.
  • Kevin Rudd

    Kevin Rudd
    Kevin Rudd became the 26th Prime Minister in 2007.
  • Julia Gillard

    Julia Gillard
    Julia Gillard had sworn in to become the 27th Prime Minister.
  • Tony Abbott

    Tony Abbott
    Tony Abbott was elected to become the 28th Prime Minister.
  • Malcolm Turnbull

    Malcolm Turnbull
    Malcolm Turnbull beat Tony Abbott on the 15th of September 2015.
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