Aboriginal family 1700 s 2

Changing Australia

  • Aboriginal life in the 1700

    Aboriginal life in the 1700
    Aboriginals have been around for about 40,000 years in Australia.
  • clothing

    The Aboriginals used animals skin for clothing.
  • Captain Cook discovers Australia

    Captain Cook discovers Australia
    Captain James Cook arrives on the South-East Coast of Australia
  • The first fleet

    The first fleet
    The First Fleet arrives at Sydney Cove under Captain Arthur Phillip to establish the first settlement in Australia.
  • James Cook was murdered in Hawaii

  • The convicts and marines leave England,arrived at Portsmouth

    The convicts and marines leave England,arrived at Portsmouth
    The convicts and marines embarked on the ships, which arrived at Portsmouth on 16th March 1787.
  • The Gold Rush!

    The Cabarras Country, North Carolina in 1800 there lived in the German Speaking community a man called John Reed his son Conrad Reed 12 years old at the time, found a 17 pound gold nugget in a creek on their property. This began the 1st goldrush in America.
  • The 1800's

    The 1800's
    Changing Australia The Government was offering free land to the settlers. A lot of sons and daughters worked in the family buisnesses. The houses were mainley made of hay and wood Thomas Jefferson was made president on March 4 1801 Morphine was invented in 1804.
  • medicine

    in 1804 the sedative morphine was invented it was a great discovery for people who had operations.
  • Gold was first officially found in Australia in Bathurst NSW

    Gold was first officially found in Australia in Bathurst NSW
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    A lot of peopel lived on farms
    People used horse and cart or walked to get around.
  • The Age newspaper was frist published in Melbourne

  • The last full blooded Tasmanian Aboriginal, Truganini, Dies.

  • The 1880's

    The 1880's
    Changing AustraliaI
    n the 1880s people were very different to how we are now! back then women wore dresses and men wore suits and top hats. The law was different, women couldn't vote, either could aboriginals. The jobs were mainly- women had to make dresses and keep the house tidy. Men had to go and hunt and be janitors for factories, also pay taxes.
  • Ned Kelly Hung In Melbourne Gaoll

    Ned Kelly- Famous australian bush ranger!
    Caught and Hung!
  • The 1900's

    The 1900's
    Changing Australia
    in the 1900 the mane transport was hoares and cart but cars were starting to come to australia and were taking over the mane transport.
    Some of the jobs were a dressmaker, farmers.
    Children got to go to school back then.
  • federation

    in 1901 jan the1st it was the first day of federation. it was a big avent in australias history.
  • Edmund Barton

    Edmund Barton became prime minister on 1901 1st January to 1903 September the 24th. he was the first ever prime minister.
  • Queen Victoria's Jubilee.

    Do not no exact date. Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Julbilee.
  • Titanic

    Titanic- hit an iceberg and sunk.
  • World War 1

    World War 1 started in 1914 and finshed 18 November 1918
  • when vegemite was first made

    In 1922 the first tub of vegemite was made by fred walker and had a rival that was called marmite. Vegemite is now produced by kraft foods. Vegemite is rich in vitermenB.
  • sydney harbour brigde

    sydney harbour bridge was opened in 1932. it is the world's largest brigde.the lenght of the bridge is 1149 metres. it's height is 139 metres. it's wigth is 49 metres.
  • The 1940's

    The 1940's
    Changing Australia
    Hills Hoist was invented by Lance Hill in 1946 and the first Austrailian Holden car was rolled of the production line..
  • cost of fuel and cars

    in 1940 the cost of a gallon of fuel was 11 cents, by 1949 it was up to 17 cents.
    in 1940 the average cost of a new car was $850 and by 1949 it was $14200(not sure of date)
  • men's suites

    They only cost $24.50(not sure of actual date)
  • ford Super Delux

    the Ford Super Delux sedan coupe cost $1399 (not sure of date)
  • World War 2

    there was no Olympics due to World War 2.
  • Olympics

    there was no Olympics due to WW2
  • Hills Hoist.

    (not sure of date) the Hills Hoist was invented in !946 by Lance Hill, one of the famous Australian inventions.
  • Holden car

    Within 4 years 30% of new cars being bought in Australia were Holdens, makeing it the most popular Australian car.
  • vietnam war started

  • The 1960's

    The 1960's
    Changing Australia
    Many Australians owned their own homes many with small backyards. Music was popular with the Beatles visitng Australia and most homes had a Television.
  • the ashes cricket Australia vs England finished

    Australia won the ashes 2-1. It went for 5 matches. It finished on the 22nd of August 1961.
  • The ashes cricket. Australia vs England

    Australia won the ashes 1-0. It went for 5 test matches. It finished on the 18th of August 1964.
  • Sydney Opera House opened

    It was opened by Queen Elizabeth the 2
  • The ashes cricket Australia vs England

    Australia won the 4-1.It went for 6 test matches. It finished on the 13th of Feburary 1975.
  • vietnam war ended

    australian troops were sent to the vietnam war in 1965.
  • The ashes cricket Australia vs England

    Australia won the ashes 1-0.It went for 4 matches. It finished on the 3rd of Semptember 1975.
  • the ashes cricket Australia vs England

    Australia won the ashes 1-0. it only went for 1 match. It finished on the 17th of march 1977
  • The 1980's

    The 1980's
    Changing Austalia
    The super cars were excelent. Australia turned 200 and the Internet was invented the same year. Paul McCartney went to jail for drugs.
  • Australia

    Australia was 200 years old. The internet was also invented that year too.
  • Australia won the America's cup

    In the year 1983 on the 26th of septenber Australia won the america's cup.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System Released

    Nintendo make their First Creation the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985
  • Sydney Olympic Games

    The opening ceremony was on the 15th of September and the closing ceremony was on the 1st of October. Cathy Freeman carried the Olympic Torch.
  • The year 2000

    The year 2000
    Changing Australia
    The 2000's is great to live in because you have so many things to do and it is so entertaining. The 2000 olympics were on in 2000 and Australia did not win but came close to winning. Cathey fFeeman carryed the olympic torch.
  • Beijing Olympic Games

    The Last Olympic games where in China in Beijing
  • Hawks premieship

    The mighty Hawks win their 10 premiership!!!
  • blak saturday

    Black Saturday, fires went through all of Victoria. Many, many peope died from them.
  • Swine Flu

    The first outbreak of swine flu was on the 18th of March, in Mexico City. It was so terrible and alot of people died from it. But now they have a vacination for it. In Australia 9 peolple have died from swine flu.
  • DSi Released

    The Nintendo DSi is the Newest nintendo out right now
  • Swine Flu

    Started in Mexico and travelled to Australia, Swine Flu- Virus. deadly in Mexico, over 500 people have been affected by it.
  • Michael Jackson Died

    Michael Jackson died of a prescription drug over dose. It is now being investigated as a wrongful death by his doctor.
  • 1940 1949

    In 1940 a gallon of gas was just 11 cents and by 1949 it was up to 17 cents.
    In 1940 the average cost of a new car was only $850 and by 1949 in was up to around $1400, thats almost doubled
  • wood stock festivial started

    on the 16th of auguest 1969 people started celebrating wood stock.
  • commonwealth games

    commonwealth games
    The 2006 Commonwealth Games were held in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia between 15 March and 26 March 2006. It was the largest sporting event to be staged in Melbourne, eclipsing the 1956 Summer Olympics in terms of the number of teams competing, athletes competing, and events being held.