The true histroy of austrlaia

The True History of Australia

By 123NC
  • 99,999 BCE

    Shell discovered in Australia

    Shell discovered in Australia
    There was a 400,000 year old shell in Australia discovered. Aboriginal and Torres Strait People of Australia used shells were used as jewelry and water holders.
  • Period: 65,000 BCE to

    Indigenous settlement in Australia.

    indigenous members of our society have been on this continent for over 60000 years. Their traditions and customs are ongoing. Recent studies prove that Indigenous people may have lived in Australia for over 80,000 years!
  • Period: 65,000 BCE to

    Prehistory of Australia

    Before European colonization. This period is known as prehistory. Back then, there would have been approximately 750,000 Indigenous people of Australia. They are distributed as follows: New South Wales 134,888 Queensland 127,950 Western Australia 67,931 Northern Territory 60,875 Victoria 30,046 South Australia 26,544 Tasmania 17,384 Australian Capital Territory 3,909 Other regions 233
  • 50,000 BCE

    Dreamtime Stories

    Dreamtime Stories
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia told Dream time stories to their descendants. Theses stories were passed on to descendants.
  • 50,000 BCE

    Mungo Man

    Mungo Man
    Mungo man is the oldest human discovered. He lived approximately fifty thousand years ago. He was about six foot tall (very tall for his period!) and he was very strong and athletic. Mungo man lived until he was about forty years of age.He was discovered in Africa. Mungo Man was discovered was discovered on the 26th of February in 1974. A few metres away is Mungo woman.
  • 50,000 BCE

    Indigenous Trading economy

    Indigenous Trading economy
    Indigenous people of Australia traded with each other AS EARLY AS 80,000 BCE, though it is estimated to be between 30,000 BCE and 50,000 BCE.
  • 48,000 BCE

    Indigenous people of Australia's ancient shelters

    Indigenous people of Australia's ancient shelters
    Forty thousand years before Stonehenge, the Indigenous people of Australia removed pillars of rock to make shelters. See the photo below.
  • 40,000 BCE

    The Oldest Paintings

    The Oldest Paintings
    the Oldest Paintings in Australia were discovered in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.
  • Period: 40,000 BCE to 35,000 BCE

    Indigenous Tools

    The Indigenous people created tools from 40,000 years ago to about 35,000 years ago, during the Ice Age (2.6 mya to 11,700 yrs ago). This was millennia before the Stone Age!
  • Period: 25,000 BCE to 35,000 BCE

    Indigenous Rock Carvings around Australia

    Indigenous people of Australia created intricate rock carvings. There are BILLIONS of artworks of this type around the country. One of these showed a man climbing a pole. Amazingly, an exact copy of the same carving was found 800km away! most of these carvings were found in Western Australia or in Central Australia. Each carving of a face has eyes, a mouth and arms. They show emotions as well as feelings.
  • 20,000 BCE

    The Sea level is 130m lower

    The Sea level is 130m lower
    20,000 years ago, the sea level in Australia was 130m lower than current.
  • Period: 20,000 BCE to

    Indigenous Rock paintings

    Indigenous people painted on cave walls to tell dream time stories. Indigenous people used these paintings as other ways to express storytelling. Indigenous rock paintings are found all over the country.
  • 10,000 BCE

    Indigenous maps

    Indigenous maps
    10,000 to 30,000 years ago, Indigenous people of Australia created maps.
  • Period: 10,000 BCE to

    Dancing and singing

    10000 years ago, Indigenous people of Australia danced and sung.
  • Britain colonizes America

    Britain colonizes America
    Britain colonized America in 1606 in Jamestown, Virginia. Britain colonizes America so that they can send their convicts there.
  • Period: to

    The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution meant that many people were displaced from their homes because they didn't have jobs. This meant that they were poor. So, they needed to steal for a living. Because of this, the
    jails overcrowded. The United Kingdom needed somewhere else to send their prisoners: Australia.
  • Captain James Cook discovers Australia

    Captain James Cook discovers Australia
    On the twenty second of August, 1770, Captain James Cook 'discovered' the south east coast of what is now Australia. Huge massacres took place after this and many died. Two famous massacres are The Convincing Ground Massacre (which took place from 1833 - 1834 in Portland, Victoria and killed approximately 200 indigenous people) and the Pinjarra Massacre (which took place on the 28th of October 1834 in Pinjarra, Western Australia and killed 14-40 Pinjarup people.
  • The First Fleet's landing

    The First Fleet's landing
    The First Fleet landed in Australia.
  • Bennelong dies

    Bennelong dies
    Woollarawarre Bennelong, a very nice friend of Captain Arthur Phillip, died on the 3rd of January, 1813. This is now Bennelong Point, on which the Sydney Opera House stands today.back then, this place was known as kissing point.
  • Massacres

    The largest massacre of Indigenous people in Australia is the Convincing Massacre. 60 to 200 indigenous members of Portland, Victoria, were killed during this massacre. This took place from 1833 to 1834. Another huge massacre is the Pinjarra Massacre in south-West Western Australia. More than 30 Pinjarup people perished on the 28th of October, 1834. These massacres are only two of the hundreds (or even thousands) of massacres that took place in Australia. Thousands of Indigenous people died.
  • Australia becomes a Nation

    Australia becomes a Nation
    Australia officially becomes a nation The first prime minister is Edmund Barton. Federation for Australia!
  • Period: to

    The Stolen Generation

    Indigenous children were forcibly taken from their families. They were treated horrifically from about 1910 to 1970.
  • The Mabo Decision

    The Mabo Decision
    The Mabo decision took place on the 3rd of June in 1992. The High Court of Australia that Terra Nullius should not be applied to Australia. This recognised that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have rights to the land – rights that existed before the British arrived and can still exist today.
  • The First National Sorry Day

    The First National Sorry Day
    On the 26th of May 1998, Australia had it's first official sorry day.
  • Kevin Rudd's Sorry Speech

    Kevin Rudd's Sorry Speech
    Kevin Rudd apologized officially for the Stolen Generation. This was a turning point in indigenous and Australian history. Kevin Rudd apologized officially to the whole nation at the parliament house in Canberra.
  • Bruce Pascoe's Dark Emu

    Bruce Pascoe's Dark Emu
    In the year 2014, Bruce Pascoe wrote Dark Emu, a book about the true history of Australia.