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The History Of The Catholic Church

  • 1520


    Portugese sailors explore some of the northern and eastern coast
  • 1606

    A Spaniard, de Quiros calls Vanuatu 'La Australia del spiritu santo' (the southern land of the Holy Spirit).
  • 1766

    French sailors reach and describe the Great Barrier Reef.
  • 1770

    Captain Cook arrives at Botany Bay.
  • 1788

    The First Fleet arrives at Sydney Cove.First Anglican mass was held on 3rd of February.
  • 1789

    Smallpox kills of half of the Aborigines in the Sydney area.
  • 1800

    The first priest convicts Fathers harold , O'Neil and Dixon arrive. Other convicts from Italy, Austria ,Portugal and Poland also arrive.
  • 1803

    The first public Mass is offered by Father Dixon. The first European settlement in Tasmania. And James Meehan begins survey work in NSW.
  • 1805

    Fathers Harold, O'Neil, Dixon sent back to England, as they were accused of encouraging Catholics in the Castle Hill rebellion.
  • 1817

    Father Jeremiah O'Flynn arrived from England without permission.The governed then gave permission for him to stay as long as does not work among Catholics. He said a public Mass and was then arrested and deported. O'Flynn left the Blessed Sacrament at James Dempsey's house. On Sundays people would gather there and pray the rosary.
  • 1820

    Fathers Thierry and Connolly opens the first Catholic school in Parramatta.
  • 1821

    Father Connolly goes to Tasmania and builds the first Catholic Church in Australia.
  • 1825

    European settlement in Western Australia, the Swan River Colony.
  • 1829

    Father John McEncore arrives.English penal laws against Catholics were ended.
  • 1832

    JH Plunkett becomes a solicitor general, and Roger Therry becomes and Judge.
  • 1833

    Father Ullathorne arrives in Sydney.
  • 1834

    The Henry brothers begin a settlement in Victoria.
  • 1835

    John Bede Polding becomes Australia's first Catholic Bishop.
  • 1836

    Ullathorns book attacks the convict system.He celebrates the first Mass in South Australia, where settles began arriving this year.
  • 1838

    Caroline Chisholm arrives in Australia.Sisters of charity come to Sydney and begin Australia's first non-military hospital.
  • 1929

    James Scullin is elected as Prime Minister and chooses the first Australian-born Governor General, Isaac Isaacs.
  • 1930's

    The Great Depression. The beginning of Catholic Action.Catholics Stan McCabe, Bill O'Reilly and Jack Fingleton are in the Australian cricket team. More Migrants from Yugoslavia and other European countries.
  • 1931

    Father PJ Moloney begins the Palm Islamd and Fantome Island mission. Pope Benedict XV writes 'Quadragesimo Anno' (In the fortieth year).
  • 1934

    Eucharistic Congress in Melbourne.
  • 1935

    Fathers PJ Moloney and Frank McGarry begin a school for Aborigines at Alice Springs.
  • 1936

    The Grail begins in Australia.
  • 1939-45

    Second World War.
  • 1940

    The beginning of "The Movement".
  • 1945

    Dr Woodbury begins the Aquinas Academy in Sydney.
  • 1946

    Post-war migration from Europe begins.
  • 1950

    The Bishops "letter" makes all migrants feel at home.
  • 1952

    Father Payton: 'The family that prays together stays together'.
  • 1954

    The week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins.
  • 1955

    The Labor Party split.
  • 1955-56

    Many new Catholic schools.
  • 1958

    Ukrainian bishop in Australia. Prospect and Manna magazines begin. Pope Pius XII dies, and John XXII is elected.
  • 1961

    Publication of 'The Living Parish Hymn Book'.
  • 1962

    The Second Vatican Council commences.
  • 1962

    Goulburn School Strike.
  • 1963

    Pope John XXIII dies.Paul VI is elected. Publication of 'The New Catholic Catechism'
  • 1964

    Government money is given for Australian Catholics schools.The Mass changes from Latin to English.Catholic Overseas relief begins.
  • 1965

    Project compassion is started.27 per of teachers in Catholic Schools are lay people.
  • 1967

    Pope Paul VI writes ' populorum progresso' (The Progress of Peoples)
  • 1968

    The pope writes 'Humanae Vitae' (of human life).A time of much change - books and play are written about being Catholic in Australia, by Peter Kenna, Thomas Keneally and others.
  • 1970

    Paul VI becomes the first pope ever to visit Australia.
  • 1971

    Neville Bonner becomes the first Aboriginal member of parliament.
  • 1972

    Action for World development commences.Continuing immigration, especially from Lebanon and South America.Vietnamese migrants start to arrive 52 per cent of teachers in Catholic Schools lay are people.The National Pastoral Institute begins.
  • 1973

    First Maronite bishop in Australia.
  • 1974

    Marriage encounter spreads to Australia.
  • 1975

    International Women's Year. First National women's conference.
  • 1975

    Ron Blair's play "The Christian Brother". First Aboriginal priest ordained.
  • 1976

    Social Justics statement on women.Rome declares that Australia is no longer a mission country.
  • 1979

    Outlook magazine commences.
  • 1980

    The first Catholic lay people graduate in theology.
  • 1982

    Women's movement in Catholic Church. WATAC-Women and the Australian Church.
  • 1986

    Pope John Paul II visits Australia.
  • 1987

    First Melkite bishop arrives.Women-Church magazine begins.First "Women and the Australian Church" conference. Ninety per cent of teachers in Catholic schools are now lay people.
  • 1995

    Pope John Paul II visits Australia. Announces the beautification of Mary MacKillop.
  • 2000

    The Jubilee Year.
  • 2008

    World Youth Day held in Sydney. Pope Benedict XVI visits Australia.
  • 2010

    Mary MacKillop canonisation in Rome.