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    Made first authenticated discovery of Australia, when in command of the "Duyfken". Charted about 300 km of the west coast of Cape York Peninsula in Queensland.
  • Dirk HARTOG

  • Luis Vaez de TORRES

  • Dirk Hartog

    Landed the Eendracht on Dirck Hartog Island on the west coast of Australia. Erected a pewter plate to mark his presence.
  • Frederick de HOUTMAN

  • Jan Carstensz

    Jan carstensz landed on the north-eastern coast of mainland australia.
  • Pieter Nuyts

    Stumbles upon the south coast of Western Australia and folows it eastward for about 1500km.
  • William Dampier

    1688 William DAMPIER Visited north-west coast of Australia. First Englishman to suggest that New Holland be explored by the English. (Map)

    The sea-fish that we saw here (for here was no river, land, or pond of fresh water to be seen) are chiefly sharks. There are abundance of them in this particular sound, and I therefore give it the name of Shark's Bay. Here are also skates, thornbacks, and other fish of the ray kind (one sort especially like the sea-devil) and garfish, bonetas, etc. Of shellfish we got here mussels, periwinkles, limpets, oysters, both of the pearl kind and also eating-oysters, as well the common sort as long oyst
  • Watkin Tench

    Sailed to Australia with First Fleet which arrived at Botany Bay in 1788.
  • Comte de LAPÉROUSE

    Sailed into Botany Bay practically at the same time as the First Fleet.
  • Arthur PHILLIP

    Commanded the First Fleet to Botany Bay and was the first Governor of New South Wales. Discovered the Hawkesbury River.
  • William Dawes

    Explored to the west and south-west of Port Jackson.
  • William BLIGH

    Mutiny on the Bounty

    1813 Found a way through the Blue Mountains and thus opened up the way to the west. (Map)
  • George EVANS

    1813-15 Carried out further exploration over the Blue Mountains as far as the Macquarie River. Discovered the Lachlan River.
  • John OXLEY

    1817-18 Traced the Lachlan and Macquarie Rivers and explored the New England Region. (Map)
  • Phillip Parker KING

    1817-22 Explored northern Australian coastline (Map)
  • Charles THROSBY

    Reached Jervis Bay by way of the Kangaroo and Lower Shoalhaven rivers. Left the Cowpastures, and travelling south-south-west, then west, north-west, and north-north-west, finished journey near site of Bathurst.

    Discovered "Pandora's Pass", a way through to the Liverpool Plains.
  • Hamilton HUME and William HOVELL

    Journey to Port Phillip.
  • Edmund LOCKYER

    Exploration of the Brisbane River

    Discovered the Darling Downs and carried out extensive trips to gather new botanical specimens.
  • Charles STURT

    Ascertained that Macquarie River ended in marshes and discovered the Darling River (Map)
  • Edward John EYRE

    1841Explored the Great Australian Bight (Map)

    1844 Ludwig LEICHHARDT Explored from Brisbane to Port Essington, north-east of Darwin (Map)
  • Thomas MITCHEL

    1845-46 Discovered Warrego, Belyando and Barcoo Rivers (Map)
  • Charles STURT

    Expedition in Central Australia in search of an "inland sea".
  • Augustus GREGORY

    1846-48 Augustus GREGORY Exploration in Western Australia. (Map)
  • Frank GREGORY

    1846-48 Frank GREGORY Exploration in Western Australia.

    1846-50 John MacGILLIVRAY Sought a convenient opening in the Barrier Reef to enable ships to proceed from New South Wales to India through Torres Strait.

    expedition from Melborne to the gulf of carpentaria
  • willaim landsbourght

    traced Gregory and herbet rivers to their source.conducted search of BURK WILLS
  • John Mckinlay

    1861-3 Conducted search for Burke and Wills. Found grave of Gray.
    Explored Northern Territory and reported on the best sites for settlement.
  • Fredrick Walker

    1861-2 Conducted search for Burke and Wills..
  • john mcdouall

    crossed Australia from south to north in 1862
  • Alexander and Frank Jardine

    1864 Expedition from Rockhamton to Cape York..
  • John and Alexander Forrest

    1869-74 Three expeditions: searched for Leichhardt; Perth to Adelaide; Geraldton to Peake overland telegraph station. (Map)
  • Ernest GILES

    Crossed Gibson and Victoria Deserts in two expeditions.
  • Peter Warburton

    Expedition from Alice Springs to Oakover River.
  • Ernest FAVENC

    Explored from Blackall to the Diamantina River, then through unexplored country between the Burke and Herbert Rivers to Buchanan's Creek. Explored in the country to the south of the Gulf of Carpentaria, and in the north-west of Western Australia.
  • Alexander Forrest

    Explored from De Grey River.
  • David CARNEGIE

    Exploration of the centre of Western Australia including the Gibson Desert.
  • George Bass

    George Bass (1771-1803?) explored the east coast of Australia. Together with Flinders, he sailed more than 18 000 kilometres exploring the coastline of Australia and proved that Tasmania was an island. Bass was born in England and arrived in Sydney in 1795. In 1803, he disappeared after he sailed into the Pacific Ocean with a cargo that he wanted to sell in South America. Some people believe he was captured by the Spanish and forced to work in mines in Peru.