newspapers in australia

  • first newspapers in australia

    first newspapers in australia
    First issue of Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser; publisher George Howe (considered the father of Australian press).
  • Period: to

    Summary of Changes to Newspapers in Australia

    • Newspapers went from government gazettes to privately owned companies
    • over time newspaper ownership merged
    • newspapers went from weekly to daily
    • newspapers went from print on paper to online
    • the major newspapers currently in Australia are the Australian, the age the, West Australian, the daily telegraph, Canberra times, courier mail, herald sun, Brisbane times, Sydney Morning herald.
  • lack of paper hinders publication

    lack of paper hinders publication
    Sydney Gazette suspends publication; resumes 15 May 1809 (lack of paper; no Gazette during Rum Rebellion on 26/1/1808 which overthrew Governor Bligh)
  • more papers

    First issue of Derwent Star and Van Diemen’s Land Intelligencer; 12 issues; probably ceased 11 June 1810.
  • a history maker

    a history maker
    Death of father of Australian press, George Howe, at 51.
  • the Australian created

    the Australian created
    First issue of the Australian; published without prior restraint, and, immediately, at Robert Howe’s request, censorship of the Gazette ceases.
  • Hobarts time to shine

    First issue of Colonial Advocate and Tasmanian Monthly Review, a magazine published by Andrew Bent to avoid the necessity for a newspaper licence. No 8, October 1828 was final issue.
  • Freo papers

    First issue of Fremantle Journal and General Advertiser (manuscript; short-lived)
  • Perth Gazzete

    First issue of Perth Gazette, forerunner of today’s West Australian.
  • western australian

    the very first issue of the Western Australian.
  • First issue of Adelaide Guardian

    first issue of Adelaide guardian
  • a great paper

    a great paper
    Sydney Herald becomes Sydney Morning Herald.
  • a dying paper

    Australia’s first newspaper, the Sydney Gazette, ceases (after publication had been suspended for a few weeks in July).
  • first issue of diggers and Bendigo advetiser

    First issue of Diggers Advocate (printed in Melbourne), first goldfields newspaper in Victoria.First issue of Bendigo Advertiser.
  • age and hobarton

    First issue of Hobarton Mercury, a bi-weekly First issue of the Age; daily.
  • Age Daily

    First issue of the Age; daily.
  • price reduction

    The Argus, The Age, The Empire and Sydney Morning Herald all reduce their prices down to three dollars
  • daily

    West Australian becomes a daily.
  • Murdoch leading melbourne

    Murdoch leads Melbourne syndicate to buy Perth West Australian and issues shares to locals to appease concern about interstate control.
  • color in newspaper

    color in newspaper
    First use of colour news photography in Argus, Melbourne. Claimed to be first time that a newspaper anywhere in the world had produced an action news photograph in colour within hours of the event.
  • John Fairax

    John Fairax
    John Fairfax sells its interest in Woman’s Day and Home to The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd.
  • a tragic death

    a tragic death
    Death of Sir Keith Murdoch, managing director of the Herald and Weekly Times Ltd and father of Rupert Murdoch.
  • a new owner

    John Pringle appointed editor of the Sydney Morning Herald.
  • small newspaper

    small newspaper
    Rupert Murdoch flies home to take up his small newspaper inheritance.
  • first issue

    first issue
    First issue of Sunday Advertiser, Adelaide.
  • a big move

    a big move
    John Fairfax and Sons moves (from Hunter Street) into new buildings at Broadway, Sydney.
  • Broadcasting Services Act 1992

    Limits media ownership laws in Australia
  • online news commences

    The Australian announces (p.3) it has revamped its website,, offering summaries of each day’s news along with insights into what editor Michael Stutchbury and the reporters are working on for the next day’s edition.
  • downloadable papers

    Entire edition of the Australian is available to download online.
  • indigenous tiimes

    First issue of National Indigenous Times, established by Owen Carriage, founder 11 years ago of the Koori Mail (see ANHG, 17.2 and 17.63.5).
  • overseas printing

    First Australian edition of British Financial Times printed in Sydney.
  • online only

    Fairfax Media launches Perth’s first online-only news publication:
  • i [ad changes news format

    Apple’s iPad goes on sale in Australia, and the Australian becomes the first newspaper in Australia to launch an iPad digital edition
  • important papers to Western Australia

    First issue of the Weekend West, the revamped and newly titled weekend edition of the West Australian, Perth.
  • merging two major newspapers

    merging two major newspapers
    Sunday Times and West Australian merger
  • even more papers

    First issue of Sydney Daily Telegraph, which later became simply the Daily Telegraph First issue of Sydney Daily Telegraph, which later became simply the Daily Telegraph.