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6G Migration Stories

  • James William Quinn

    James William Quinn
    Armargar Ireland Jemma Quinns great great great grandpa because he was needed to be imprisoned in jail and there was no were for him so he was sent to Australia. He opened a livery stable on liverpool street in Sydney
  • Philip Giolley King

    Philip Giolley King
    He migrated as a convict in 1788. Abbey Walker's great great great great great great great grandfather was a convict so he was forced to move from England. Philip Gidley was Australia's 3rd Govenor. He was in office for 6 years
  • Sidney Gulliaume's parent's

    Sidney Gulliaume's parent's
    Sidney Gulliaume's parent's great great great grandpa's family moved from England in 1820 because they saw an opportunity for farming land in Victoria and they also wanted to have children in Australia.
    Lucy Hatton
  • Charles Landsberry

    Charles Landsberry
    Elyse's great great great grandfather Charles Landsberry was a convict on the 'Susan' and he immigrated from England to Australia
  • Lucy's great great grandpa

    Lucy's great great grandpa
    Lucy Kellaway's great great grandpa migrated from Clara Ireland came because he wanted to find his fortune in Ballarat. While in Australia he estabilished 'W.Lowe and C.o.' Now a national mens wear shop called Lowes.
  • Luxe Coll's mum's grandmother

    Luxe Coll's mum's grandmother
    Luxe Coll's mum's grandmther immigrated from switzerland to escape the world war 1 she came by ship and she was 18 years old
  • Laura's Grandfather

    Laura's Grandfather
    Laura's Grandfather immigrated from Italy to Australia. He came to Australia to find a better life. He came on a boat and it took 1 month non stop.
  • Katria's Family

    Katria's Family
    In 1947 Katria's family migrated from Londondary, Ireland because her dad was in the British navy and he decided to join the Australian navy and because he moved he became captain of the HMS Sydney he came over on a boat and also moved because the weather was much better.
  • Emma's Grandma

    Emma's Grandma
    In 1947 Emma's grandma Nicky migrated from Scotland because there were food rashinings there,and they new that there were more oportunities in Australia. Her Grandma didn't become a citizen for another 15 years.
  • Laura's Grandma

    Laura's Grandma
    In 1949 Laura's Grandma migrated from Italy to find a better life. She came by boat and it took 1 month non stop
  • Laura's Grandparents

    Laura's Grandparents
    In 1952 Laura's Grandparents migrated from Scotland. Her grandad got offered a job in Australia.
  • Alyssa's Grandma's family

    Alyssa's Grandma's family
    Alyysa's Grandma migrated from Wales as part of the ten pound porn Assisted migration scene. They immigrated by boat
  • Raff's Grandparents

    Raff's Grandparents
    Raff's grandparents migrated from Italy in 1957 because they were the right age and Australia were looking for workers. They immigrated by boat.
  • Charlotte's Grandpa

    Charlotte's Grandpa
    In 1957 Charlotte's Grandpa migrated from China because there were more opportunities. Her Grandpa got married in Hong Kong before moving to Australia
  • Zara's Grandma

    Zara's Grandma
    Zara's grandma migrated from Greese to earn money for her and her family and to escape Greese, as it was a poor country. She came on a ship belonging to a company called Hondras cruise lines the ride took 31 days .
  • Jasmine V's Grandma

    Jasmine V's Grandma
    In 1965, Jasmine's Grandma migrated from Spain to France because a good opportunity came up and she decided to take it. She went back to Spain, intending to live there after coming to Australia,but ended up coming back to Australia
  • Sophie's Dad

    Sophie's Dad
    Sophie's dad migrated from South Africa because he was living with his parents at the time and his parents wanted to because they wanted to start a new life. It was easy for them to immigrate because Australia were looking for people who had there jobs at that time for that country.
  • Miss Tobiansky

    Miss Tobiansky
    Miss Tobyiansky's family migrated from South Africa to Australia because her dad wanted to leave as he was being called to serve in the army often.
  • Chelsea's Dad

    Chelsea's Dad
    In 1986 Chelsea's dad migrated from South Africa because Australia is a safer place and there were more opportunities here. It only took 2 years before he decided to become a citizen
  • Amy Baulmans dad

    Amy Baulmans dad
    Amy Baulman's dad migrated from Canada because he wanted to marry Amy's mum and he didn't think that she would survive in Canada. So he organised a job for I year before he came to Australia.
  • Toni Trittis' family

    Toni Trittis' family
    Toni Trittis' family moved from South Africa because they thought that it was unsafe to live in South Africa to raise a family.
  • Kayla's Family

    Kayla's Family
    Kayla's family moved from South Africa because the crime rate was rising.My citisenship tree still grows in my garden today!
  • Millie Chesire's family

    Millie Chesire's family
    Millie's family moved to Australia from England in 2004 because it is warmer in Australia and they wanted to have their children brought up in Australia. It was easy because their were planes around at that time.
  • Francesca's family

    Francesca's family
    Francesca's family moved from Singapore to Australia because her dads job made them go to Australia so he could keep his job
  • Jasmine Cook's grandma Irene

    Jasmine Cook's grandma Irene
    Jasmine Cook's grandma called Irene moved from England to Australia so she could be with the rest of her family
  • Rachel Humphries' family friends

    Rachel Humphries' family friends
    Rachel Humphrie's family friends moved from Indonesia to Australia because the man had to go to Australia because of his job and they both wanted to get married in Australia
  • Amy Brooke's family

    Amy Brooke's family
    Amy Brooke's family moved from Bermuda to Australia because there were more opportunities. They also wanted to bring their children up in a better country.We were lucky on our way out to Australia we got on the last plane in England (since it had been snowing and the other planes had frozen) until 3 days later