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Federation Timeline by Oska Boyd

By Year 6
  • Gold Rush

    Violence occurs towards the Chinese on the goldfeilds.
  • The Eureka stockade

    The Eureka rebellion takes place.
  • South Australia men vote

    Men in South Australia get the vote.
  • Victoria men vote

    Men in Victoria get the vote.
  • New South Wales men vote

    Men in New South Wales get the vote.
  • Six colonies, make own decisions laws made Britain

    There were six British colonies in Australia. They decide things themselves,but laws were made in britain.
  • Queensland men vote

    Men in Queensland get the vote.
  • Australia's boom time

    This decade is a boom time in Australia
  • Workers' strike

    Maritime workers' strike occurs.
  • Each colony elct own government decisions Britian talk joining one nation instead six colonies. Federation

    Each colony was now able to elect their own government, but still the big decisions were made in britain. People in the colonies were starting to talk about joining together to be one nation instead of six little colonies. Joining together like this is called federation.
  • National Convention to draft the Constitution

    A meeting is held to discuss federation. Each colony sent seven people. They started to write a constitution which is a list of rules about how the nation's parliament will work.
  • Western Australia men vote

    Men in Western Australia get the vote.
  • Groups decided people vote decide if federation take place

    The federation groups decided that the people of Australia should vote to decide if federation should take place.
  • Western Australia women vote

    Women in Western Australia get the vote.
  • Federation conference

    Premiers' conferences discuss federation.
  • Second covention to draft the constitution Part 1

    Meetings discussed the draft constitution and made changes and a new draft. Queensland was the only colony that did not send people to the meetings. Because some colonies were much smaller than others, it was decided to have parliament the way the United States did - the number of people from each state in the House if Representatives depends on how many people live in each state, but each state has the same number of people in the senate.
  • Second convention to draft the constitution part 2

    People in all colonies except Queensland and Western Australia voted on the Constitution, but New South Wales they did not agree to what was written and the vote failed.
  • First Federation referendum

    The first referendum for Federation occurs.
  • Second Federation referrendum. Western Ausralia women vote

    The second referendum for Federation occurs. Women in Western Ausralia get the vote.
  • Tasmania men vote

    Men in Tasmania get the vote
  • Gold Rush Western Australia people all over country look for gold. Western Australian's change minds federation, August voted be part of it

    Meanwhile, there was a Gold Rush in Western Australia and people from all over the country were there to look for gold. The Western Australians started to change their minds about federation, and in August they voted to be part of it.
  • Committee took constitution London persuade British Parliament pass law allow colonies become nation. Law passed May signed Queen Victoria July saying 1st January 1901 colonies become states in Commonwealth of Australia

    A committee took the constitution to London to persuade the British Parliament to pass a law allowing the five colonies to join toether to become a nation. The law was passed in May and signed by Queeen Victoria in July saying that on the 1st January 1901, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania would become states in the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Edmund Barton is Prime Minister.

    Edmund Barton becomes Australia's first Prime Minister.
  • Australia becomes a nation. The Australian Government takes conrtol ofcolonial army and naval forces. Australia's population reaches 3 773 801, but Aboriginal peoples are not included in the census. The winning for the Australian flag is announced.

  • Women vote Australian federal elections. New South Wales women vote in state

    Women get the right to vote Australian federal elections. Women in New South Wales get the vote in their state.
  • Tasmania women vote. High Court Australia formed. Alfred Deakin second prime minister of Australia.

    Women in Tasmania get the vote. The High Court of Australia is formed. Alfred Deakin becomes the second prime minister of Australia.
  • Conclication Arbitration Court formed

    The Conclication and Arbitration Court is formed.
  • Queensland women vote. Deskin prime minister again

    Women in Queensland get the vote. Deskin becomes prime minister a second time.
  • Australia responsible British New Guinea.

    Australia becomes responsible for British New Guinea.
  • Women in Victoria get the vote. The site of the national capital is chosen. Andrew Fisher becomes prime minister.

  • Commonwealth Bank set up.

    The Commonwealth Bank is set up.
  • The Royal Australian Navy is established.

  • Prime Minister Fisher commits Australian fighting World War 1

    Prime Minister Fisher commits Australian forces to fighting in World War 1