Changing Australia

  • First Fleet landed

    First Fleet landed
    Changing Australia Wiki First Fleet landed and white people invaded their land and also captain james cook was in charge
    aboriginals lived near bottnie bay
  • aboriginal tribes

    aboriginal tribes
    They built houses and traded.
    They lived near bottnie bay.
    They hunt for many things such as Kangaroo, goanas, Sea cow and many more.
    Lots of people died because their was no medical help or medication.
    In 1788 the white people invaded their land and some died.
  • aboriginal life

    aboriginal life
    [changing australia](http://changingaustralia.wikispaces.com/)
    Most aboriginal people built houses, traded, cooked and hunted.
  • food

    changing australia
    The aboriginal tribes hunt for lots of different things such as sea cow, goauna, kangaroos and many more.
  • Mathew Flindders navigates

    Mathew Flindders navigates
    changing australia wikimathew flinders becomes the first persont circum navigate the nation
  • van diemens land

    changing australia wiki Van Diemens Land originaly part of NSW becomes its own colony
  • Slavery

    changing australia wiki Slavery is abolished throughout the British Empire
  • The Australian Godl Rush in Victoria Declared

    The Australian Godl Rush in Victoria Declared
    Changing Australia Wiki - 1850's Donald Cameron announced the discorvery of Gold in Victoria, Australia
  • Inventions

    Changing AustraliaAlexander Graham Bell invented the photophone
    George Eastman invented the rollsmith
    Kampfe brother the Saftey Razor
  • Population

    in the 880's australa was around a qauter of a milion in just a decade it was doubled to half a million
  • education

    [chaging australia wiki](www.chargingaustraila.wikispaces.com.au)only rich people could afford to go to school
    children left school early work at the farms or get an early age job for money.
  • Ned Kelly was hung

    Ned Kelly was hung
    Changing AustraliaNed Kelly was hung at the Melbourne galo.
  • Austrlia won the ashes

    Changing Australia WikiAustralia won the Ashes in 1889
  • Federal Election

    changing astralia wiki Australia's first Federal Election Australia's first
  • Prime Minister

    changing australia wiki Edmund Barton became the first prime minister.
  • World War 1

    changing australia WW1 starts.
  • Floral Emblem

    canging australia Wattle became our Floral Emblem.
  • P.M dies

    changing australia wiki Sir Edmund Barton dies.
  • Hume Dam

    The Hume Dam's opening.
  • the australian prime ministers

    changing australia Robert Menzies (1939-1941), Athur Fadden (1941-1941), John Curtin (1941-1945), Francis Forde (1945-1945) and Ben Chifley(1945-1949) were the Prime Ministers in the 40's. (school project)
  • war on germany

    changing austrlia wiki Australia declares war on Germany.
  • World War 2

    Changing Australia
    The 2nd World War was Austraila vs Japan. and on axis powers Finland, Hungary and Romania.In 1950 the Korean war started.At the time of the start of the Korean war, Australia had had a massive and devastating flood that killed quite a few people so news of war was of little significance the Australians. America had immediately given air and sea support to the south koreans and also asked for support from the unit
  • Top 5 names

    Changing Austraila The top 5 names are James, Mary, Betty, Dorothy and Robert.
  • punshments

    changing australia In the 1940's when children were naughty they were normally punished with (Mum and Dad)1.Canes2.Wooden Spoon3.Strap4.Mouth washed out with soap5.Feather duster6.Ruler
  • Japanese attacked harbours

    [changing australia](http:/http://changingaustralia.wikispaces.com/1940') In Katherine Feb 19 1942 japanese planes launched from there aircraft boats and attacked the habourand city and killed 243 people.
    They also attacked the Stockton Harbour
  • Imagration

    <a href='http://http://changingaustralia.wikispaces.com/1940%27s' In the war many people started leaving there countrys because of the war so thay thought of australia as a sunny paridise. Soon the Australian Citizenship was introduced and people found that their own home was better.
  • prime ministers

    changing austrlia wiki robert menzies was the prime minister for this date
  • vietnam war

    changing austrlia wiki the vietnam war ended 30 april 1975
    the vietnam war lasted 55days and about 8000 vietnimh died and 12000 were wounded
  • adelaide

    changing australia wiki adelaide's first arts festival
  • president johnson

    changing australia wiki president johnson declared a war on povety
  • prime minister harold holt

    changing australia wiki prime minister harold holt disappeard guessing he drouned
  • Emails were made

  • Evonne Godagong won Winboldon

    Changing Australia Wiki Evonne Godagong won Winboldon in 1980
  • The Rubix ube

    Changing Australia Wiki Rubric cube becomes popular
  • John Lennon was assassinated

  • John Paul 11, SHOT

    Changing Australia Wiki 1980 John Paul, 11, shot 2 times in 13th May
  • The first space shutle launch

    Changing Australia Wiki This was the date of the very first space shuttle launh
  • Australia's 200th birthday

    Changing Australia WikiAustralia had it's 200th birthday
  • Bob Hawke's elected

    Changing Australia wikiChanging Australia Wiki Bob Hawke was elected Prime Minister
  • The movie E.T was put on the shelves of the stores and was very popular

    Changing Australia Wiki Yhe movie E.T was put on the shelves
  • Compact discs were invented

    Changing Australia Wiki The first compact discs were invented
  • Australia Won Americas cup

    Australia won amercas cup in 1983
  • Colours of Australia

    Changing Australia WikiThe colours green and gold was made the offical colours of Australia
  • Australian song

  • The reck of Titanic was found

  • First mobile phone call

    Changing Australia WikiThe first mobile phone call was made in 1987
  • Australia won the Ashes

  • sydney olympics opening ceromony

    changing australia wiki The sydney olympics started on this day it is australia history
  • Don bradman died on this day

    changing australia wiki Don Bradman the cricket legend for Australia died on this day
  • Commenwealth games started

    Changing australia wiki Commenwealth games started on this day
  • John Howard over took Bob Hawke as prime minister

    changing australia wiki John Howard became prime minister on this day
  • AFL Turned 150

  • Kevin Rudd was elected as prime minister

    Changing australia wiki Kevin Rudd was elected on this day
  • Port Arthur

    changing australia wiki Port Arthur the penal colonyopens in Tasmania for repeat
  • top 6 games

    changing australia 1.Twister2.Cops and Robers3.Hop Scotch4.Skipping6.Fly
  • 2009 afl grand final

    saints vs geelong in afl grand final geelong won.and a lot of people were sad and some very happy