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Australian Colonial Timeline

  • First Fleet arrived

    First Fleet arrived
    The fleet was commanded by Captain Arthur Phillip. It took the ship and crew 8 months to arrive in Botany Bay.
  • Two French ships find new land

    Two French ships find new land
    The two French ships La Recherche and L'Espérance arrived at a harbour in Tasmania.This was at a time when Britain and France were trying to be the first to discover and colonise Australia.
  • First Australian in England

    First Australian in England
    Bennelong arrived at England with Captain Phillip. They were both presented infront of King George the Third.
  • John Caeser

    John Caeser
    John was the first Bushranger. When he had escaped with the musket he stole he met up with a few other escapees. He died a year later
  • Australia Circumnavigation

    Australia Circumnavigation
    Australia was discovered as a continent by Matthew Flinders. On this same day Matthew was subsequently judged as unseaworthy.
  • Vinegar Hill Rebellion

    The Vinegar Hill Rebellion, was an assault on the English soldiers. It consisted of 233 convicts and was led by Phillp Cunningham.
  • The Rum Rebellion

    The Rum Rebellion
    The Rum Rebellion was considered as one of the greatest rebellions of that time. It was fought between the English government and the convicts/free people. This rebellion was the future of Australia.
  • First bank of Australia

    First bank of Australia
    Australia's first bank was established in 1817 that opened in New south wales, Sydney. It later became Westpac in 1982.
  • Western Australia established

    Western Australia established
    Frenchman Dumont D'Urville arrived at King George Sound. Later that year a military garrison arrived their under the command of Edmund Lockyer.
  • Australia claimed as British territory

    Australia claimed as British territory
    The whole of Australia was claimed as British territory as the settlement of Perth was founded. Swan river colony was declared by Charles Fremantle for Britain.
  • Colonies were proclaimed

    Colonies were proclaimed
    By 1820 there were 4 colonies that were main destinations for convicts. They were, Van Diemen's Land, Norfolk Island, Port Macquarie and Moreton Bay.
  • First democracy

    First democracy
    A letter from london was sent to William Wentworth, and it said that New South Whales needed a parliment system. So from that day the Australian Patriotic Association was founded.
  • South Australia proclaimed

    South Australia proclaimed
    South Australia had it's proclamation day, with its western border being opened. The proclamation was made by captain John Hindmarsh.
  • Mount Kosciuszko first acent

    Mount Kosciuszko first acent
    Mount Kosciuszko was first ascended by European Paul Edmund Strzeleki. But it was named after Paul Strzeleki and Tadeusz Kościuszko.
  • Sydney and Adelaide get a council.

    Sydney and Adelaide get a council.
    Sydney and Adelaide incorporate a city council. A ratepayer required 1000 pounds worth of property to stand for election.
  • Cataraqui crashes

    Cataraqui crashes
    The ship Cataraqui crashes off Kings Island in Bass Strait. It is one of Australia's worst civil maratime crash, with a loss of 406 lives.
  • Australia's 1st University

    Australia's 1st University
    Australia's 1st university, the university of Sydney was founded. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious universities and offers bachelors, masters and doctor degrees. The main campus spreads across the suburbs of Camperdown and Darlington.
  • Gold Rush start

    Gold Rush start
    The Gold Rush started from Edward Hargraves finding lots of gold. It started in the state of New South Whales.
  • Nation bloomed

    Nation bloomed
    More the 370,000 immigrants arrived in Victoria. These people were arriving for all the gold.
  • Eureka Stockade

    Eureka Stockade
    The Eureka Stockade was a key event in the development of Australia's democracy. The rebellion started when goldfield workers opposed the government miners license. The license was a simple way for the government to tax the diggers.
  • Australian Rules Football introduced

    Australian Rules Football introduced
    Australian Rules Football had its first club in the league in this year. It was also classified as an official sport of Australia.
  • Women right to vote

    Women right to vote
    South Australian women earned the right to vote in local elections. in 1894, South Australia followed New Zealand in extending the franchise to women voters but went even further to let them stand for colonial parliament.
  • Last convict ship

    Last convict ship
    The last convict ship was called the Hougoumont. They unloaded a total of 269 convicts.
  • Gold found in Gawler

    Gold found in Gawler
    This gold was found by Job Harris. Within that day, it was proclaimed a major goldfield.
  • Ned Kelly's rise

    Ned Kelly's rise
    This was Ned's first confrontation with the law. He was only 14 and it was an armed robbery.
  • Adelaide's 1st University

    Adelaide's 1st University
    The university of Adelaide was founded to prepare South Australian young leaders shaped by education rather than birth or wealth. it was made in 1874 and teaching began 1876 with the first official lecture was in Latin.
  • Ned Kelly's Confrontation

    Ned Kelly's Confrontation
    Ned Kelly and his gang, slowly trotted down to a pub in Glenrowan. Ned and his gang had 47 hostages that were released. Ned was shot down later that night, while screaming "im done, im done".
  • Ned Kelly's death

    Ned Kelly's death
    Ned kelly was hanged in Melbourne Goal with his last words were "Ah well, i suppose it has come to this, such is life".
  • Men right to vote

    Men right to vote
    Men was given the right to vote in Victoria to all British subjects over the age of 21. In 1893, men in all states were given the right to vote.
  • Australia's Federation

    Australia's Federation
    Australia became a federation and united all states, still keeping the government in place they created in seperate colonies that would be responsible with problems envloving the whole naion.